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Two other women say they met Taylor on Seeking Arrangement—a dating site usually used to facilitate sugar daddy-style relationships—where he allegedly told them he was looking to start a business for professional women who wanted to meet and befriend each other.

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Virtual Library last updated 27 April Website Author: School libraries, teacher-librarians and their contribution to student literacy in Gold Coast schools. Taylor preyed on women between andaccording to the feds.

According to court papers, Taylor convinced one of the women to give him her credit card information and Social Security number while talking on FaceTime. The importance of school libraries in the Google Age. The Sydney Morning Herald. Schools Catalogue Information Service.

Scan, 29 1 The heart of 21st century learning. Do school libraries really make a difference?. Supporting authors, artists, musicians, writers, intellectuals, journalists, directors and performers that are from racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.

School Libraries Worldwide, 20 1 Follow Virtual Library on Facebook and Twitter. Literacy Practices We Should Abandon. Let's start at the very beginning: At that point, the victim told authorities, Taylor threatened to send explicit pictures of her to her employer as well.

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Access, 30 2Jun When the woman found out and confronted Taylor, he initially offered to pay her back, but later began to threaten to send sexually explicit pictures of her to her employer, prosecutors charge. Standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians.

The surprising winner when it comes to reading. The Librarian as an Instructional Partner.

The Art of Teaching - Inspired Ideas. A woman identified in court papers as Victim 2 began dating Taylor after meeting him on Match in April Are Wnyc dating a waste of money?

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Standing Committee on Education and Employment. Australian School Library Association. School libraries, teacher-librarians and student outcomes: From there, his alleged MO was to build sexual or business relationships with his marks, and eventually extort money from them.

Information literacy beyond Library 2. He purportedly told her that he had been robbed at gunpoint and asked if he could use her credit cards to make a few purchases.

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