What Must I Do If My Ex Is Dating Someone Else? Don't Worry, It's Not Too Late What Must I Do If My Ex Is Dating Someone Else? Don't Worry, It's Not Too Late

What to do when you find out your ex is dating someone else, put yourself in the new girl's shoes

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Instead, surround yourself with friends who love you, inside and outside of any relationship. It can be even more distressing to find out that your ex has moved on and is dating someone else. It happened yesterday on a convo with my crush and best friend.

Are there aspects of your life that you feel could use some improving? He or she hasn't fallen madly in love with someone new, and you haven't been 'replaced' in your ex's mind. Go out with friends rather than alone. Spend time with your friends and family.

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And yesterday he said a junior caught his eye and now I think he likes her. It's just a rebound. Since your ex found this new person in a very short time after you broke up, the chances of long-term compatibility between the two of them are minimal.

People who just broke up usually speed up things a bit in an effort to bring their current relationship into the same footing as their old one.

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Most rebound relationships are over in weeks, and your ex's rebound will likely be equally short-lived. I usually sit in the front during class and he would come up from his seat in the back and sit near me.

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They can encourage you to see the Fall dating activities in a more balanced way, both the good and the bad. Your partner is trying to move on with their life and as much as it hurts for you to know that, you also have to focus on your own happiness.

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Your ex would also be comparing you and their new partner constantly. Is there a chance the two of us will get back together?

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These are the kind of questions you should be asking yourself to help you move on with your own happiness. Tweet Life is hard enough without going through a difficult break up. So, for the time being, just take this one on the chin and try to accept it as an unfortunate reality for now.

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