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You must be grounded, after all we are only human; there's no mystery or some special aura, and so you mustn't think you're better than me! Living in Nottingham, UK Vegan diet.

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I like to visit temples. Pure vegetarianism is important to me.

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We are now married. We are planning to move in together this October and fight for animal rights while becoming better vegans. It wasn't too long before we decided to meet up July 30th.

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I am single and looking for a casual or serious relationship. Finding me the love of my life. I try to keep fit and healthy.

I am just starting to grow my own vegetables and transform the garden, which is 2 acres, half of it woodland, complete with stream.

We went to a nearby restaurant afterwards to share a veggie sandwich.

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Lots of other things but im not really sure what else to say about myself here, so please get in touch to say hello if you would like to. Others tell me I'm not bad looking and I like to think of Vegetarian dating websites uk as having a youthful and positive outlook.

Living in Leeds, UK Vegetarian diet. First qualification - I am vegetarian!

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Her name is Lena, and we plan to marry this year. I'm an engineer, doing a PhD around floating offshore wind turbines and getting paranoid about the idea of having to go back into regular work when it finishes in 17 months!

I am passionate about organic food, and have a reasonably high raw food diet.

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I'm single and have never been married. I'm Lucy, I'm currently teaching in the U. My dream is to create a vegan community at least the size of Surrey, to create a good standard for the world to measure itself by.

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I also have four vegan kids, who are all well grown with their own families. In the summer I met Doug on VeggieConnection. On top of this winning scenario only a bit of sense of humor and enthusiasm is good enough to warm our hearts up tremendously.