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True life im dating with hiv lexi, recent comments

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That is great for my wallet but bad for my balls, girl has the THE best bod in the business and I have seen a lot of them! Sounds like you have lots of choice and some real gems in there atm but it would still Ben nice to know what I am squaring myself up for!

Paul positive vibes only! Sweet to know Ive seemed to be on your mind for such a looooooong time. Fucked Up again Lola is back regularly again, she is built for sex and her service never disappoints.

John The young girl Vivian looks about 14 years old. Yet you clearly hate me… Maybe you should think of other ways to spend your time lea nights JODY seems too nice to work in a place like that. But generally a wet one!

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Does anyone know if she still works and if so, where? Had such a good time I ended up extending my booking. The fact that you took the time to write this tells me: Anonymous Any girl who is good in kissing?

Are you eluding to my feelings being hurt, or my dissatisfaction about you as a person and service provider? Jumping under running water does not constitute a shower. If you had anything to actually criticise there you would, but instead you have resorted to two yr old insults lea nights Mate, totally agree with your comment on Lea Nights.

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I commend you on the money you make — bravo! She is a great pickup for the lodge. PapaBear I rang to make a booking with Celia for this Saturday but was told she has now taken a break Low expectations dating a couple of months.

A sucker is born every minute — but please stop insulting the readers on here by writing your own reviews praising how great you are! There are other wonderful ladies like Jody, Ava, Jess etc.

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Lola Fan Vivian is very young, very petite, ok looking, very friendly and her service is excellent. Sam xx Dear Lea Nights Please allow me to reply to what may only be described as an utterly moronic and nonsensical essay.

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You are under the delusion that you are some wise philosophical poet, who has some kind of insight. Is that why your pissed?

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Never would recommend her to anyone. Seriously, you need to shower way more than your alleged amount of showers.

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Is sexy Jasmine still there? You seem to be a long time viewer of mine. She is always friendly and I always have a great time with her.