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Or, would you like to go on a romantic date with the guy you accidentally met at shopping mall? Psst, you may get additional affection bonus when you "accidentally" wear the same clothes Translated dating sims pc your partner!

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However, we know that being overly ambitious is toxic to game development, and we already keep that in mind.

If we get funded, we will use some of the money to commission for custom soundtrack it will probably not all, because custom tracks are expensive, but we will commission as much as we can afford.

I have encountered some dating sims that are too focused on the stat-raising part and ends up neglecting the events, and I don't want Seiyuu Danshi to join the list.

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Click on the image below to go to the download link! Each character will have 2 dynamic poses that represent their personalities, multiple clothing, and a lot of expressions. On his way to reach his goal, though, he will still live his daily life and YOU get to make the choices on how he should spend the days.

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Maybe yes, maybe not, but let us work hard until the end! I think that's all that we can say for now.

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All parts of the demo are still subject to changes. We also want to add more things to do inside the game, including side quests talking with NPCs inside town and jobs. We have been making Seiyuu Danshi entirely by only the two of us.

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For more information and settings, go to Privacy Centre. However, we want you to know that the final game will be thoroughly proofread by professionals, so don't worry. Yahoo is now part of the Oath family. Hope it serves as an incentive to help spread word about this! We are curently doing the art, programming, writing, and even making the video ourselves.

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Spend your time and energy carefully so that you can increase the most affection! I have been in contact with a local professional music composer in my country unfortunately, you can't find him on the net.

And so, the remaining production is Im dating my dentist filling the game with hopefully interesting events and CGs to accompany them.

If you want to ask things, go ahead and ask us whether on our social media or the Kickstarter's comment page! With this pack, you can become one of the townfolks in Seiyuu Danshi who often gives valuable information and mini quest to MC.

Select 'OK' to continue using our products, otherwise, you will not be able to access our sites and apps. We hope this will help players differentiate them and make each of them feel more alive. Meyaoi Games is comprised of a very small team, consisting only two sisters who love both yaoi and games.

This estimate is a worst-case one, so there's a chance it might be released sooner than that. Sign In to your account to avoid repeating this across your devices.

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The character will be designed based on your appearance, name, and other profile information. This pack is for you!

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June Digital copy of the game Digital copy of the art book ALL physical goods "Why combine all physical goods to a single shipment? Join his journey and woo some guys on the way! They are all possible! No amount of 'thank you' can represent our gratitude to you all!

Do you have an amazing idea on scenes that you would like to realize? The demo contains only the first two weeks of the game. However, hiring people who are good at what they do will greatly enhance the quality of the game. Demo Download link Updated to ver 1.

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