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It features a wired transducer and an LCD display screen. This fish finder benefits from having a micro SD slot so you can even put in your own maps or save your waypoints. There are really big cracks and bumps in the court it is so unsafe to play tennis from my experience.

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Another feature of this fish finder is that it has a watt transducer that can be mounted to your kayak and it can operate on dual frequencies. Thank you for your review.

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Another thing to look out for is the wattage of the transducer.

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Hold the transducer over the side of the vessel so that it is the same distance below the water surface as it would be at the in-hull mounting location. Remove the transducer from the water.

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The pool is huge and mostly clean. Press the transducer face onto the hull with a twisting motion to expel all air bubbles. Depth There are fish finders available that will let you catch fish in all sorts of underwater environments, from lakes and rivers to the open ocean.

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It is the device that uses the sonar technology to receive signals and then send them on to your screen. It uses sonar technology to detect the pulses of sound and movement from fish under the water.