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Mac lasted on the Radio City fort for just one stint - a total of three weeks.

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Splott Park, to be exact. Cars beep their horns and then you see them race past trying to find the nearest lay-by, so they can park up and wait for you to come by, so they can take pictures.

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On windy days the vanes would be partially opened by the wind and sometimes in very high winds they would go with the vanes open. It came in for a boiler wash-out and a check-up and it was found to have a leak in the boiler. He was awarded an OBE in Elsewhere my Uncle John would often be dressing a pair of stones, that is, re-cutting the grooves on the grinding surfaces.

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David was voted number 2. He made a name for himself championing many of the new rock'n'roll bands of the time. In the mill and farm business were bought by James Bilham.

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A story in the Daily Mirror of two disc-jockeys leaving Radio because of the bad weather, and alleged poor sea worthiness of the ship, led him to apply for a job with the Yorkshire based station. It was like a lightning rod to my past, odd years later.

Tony stayed until the introduction of the Marine Offences Act in August In this show David and the other 3 hosts learn how to dance.

Twelfth Doctor

It seemed to go on forever and my wife was getting fed-up. One had then to be on guard against the mill becoming "tail-winded" with the wind directly behind the sails instead of in front of them.

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Las Vegas All Night Party. Part of the apprenticeship was to work in the various departments at the steelworks.

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Most of them are featured on The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame but there are others that we still have not tracked down. As for Australia, he never made it. James Bilham also removed a pair of stones from the granary and eventually scrapped the Ruston-Hornsby oil engine that powered them.

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They shook on it and Peter joined Radio City.