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As more freezing raindrops get caught in the updraft, they collide with the hailstones, adding layer after layer of ice.

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I had never heard of that and neither had anyone else I mentioned it to. However, because it has so much momentum already, the air continues to sink and begins to heat up due to compression, the same way air inside a bicycle pump warms as it is compressed.

Most notably, it is highly subjective, often fails to recognize differences in construction between damaged homes, and is hard to apply in situations where a tornado doesn't hit a structure -- an extremely intense tornado crossing an open field could get a low rating if it doesn't happen to hit a building.

Tornadoes that cover a small area can be stronger and more violent than those that cover a wide area.

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Often the spinning air is invisible until it picks up dust from the ground. And there will always be thunder as a result of the lightning, though you may be too far away to hear it.

Plenty of other people have shared your experience; in fact, there is a description of one such event in South Dating coach judith undateables from the National Weather Service page at http: In fact, the National Weather Service calculates a one-in-three hundred chance that you or a family member will be struck by lightning sometime during your lifetime.

The United States has more tornadoes than anywhere else on earth, with an average one thousand occurring every year.

That's also why isolated trees, picnic shelters and covered bus stops offer no protection, and may actually increase your chances of being struck. Also common is rapid wilting of vegetation in the area due to the blast of hot dry air.

And thank you, Zach, for your question. However The Weather Channel's severe weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes also keeps track of tornado reports and lets viewers of The Weather Channel know the total number.

What I have done is grouped thunderstorm day data from about stations across the United States for the fall months September, October, and November and for the year.

Schmitts's class, Thousands of people will remember Aprilwhen tornadoes were spotted over a period of 16 hours. If you are tempted to drive over a flooded road, here are some things to remember: If you come to a flooded road, turn around and go another way.

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A second way that we detect thunderstorms is with some lightning detection system. They form in strong thunderstorms when wind speed or direction changes from the lower part of the storm cloud to the upper part.

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Why does the fujita scale only go up to an F5? Six inches can sweep you off your feet. Nick, How fast does marble and golf ball size hail fall from the sky?

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The sunshine causes the air to rise, taking with it the abundant moisture in the air. Those strong updrafts suspend rain in mid-air with temperatures around the raindrop of below 32 degrees.

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The Fujita scale is named for the late Dr. Here is his answer: I heard on The Weather Channel that lightning is a major killer, so why do people say that you have a one in a million chance of getting struck by it? The team devised an enhanced Fujita scale that will go into effect Feb.

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And looking at the forecast, why would there be more of a chance of storms on a sunny day then a cloudy day? Forbes points out that in any particular year, the number of fatalities can switch from one cause to another, depending upon whether floods or earthquakes are more serious.