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The new limits for existing tenants go into effect with the General Adjustment on September 1st. What myths do you see?

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But this year it seems locals in Santa Monica will not be treated to their customary displays Christmas tradition: The registration fee pass-through is in addition to the maximum allowable rent and any surcharges from the tax bill that may be passed through.

Instead, owners may register new tenancies right from this website. The new and amended regulations will phase out pass throughs of certain items that appear on owners' property tax bills regarding voted indebtedness and direct assessments by eliminating surcharge pass throughs to tenants in the following instances: It also includes information on other important issues affecting Santa Monica tenants and landlords such as home-sharing, smoking restrictions, harassment, and construction work in occupied buildings.

The notice required by the regulation is now available at the Board's Santa monica dating and here.

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You can access the Rent Control Seminars page here. The spring issue is full of important information for everyone, including an overview of the discussion the Rent Control Board recently had regarding limitations on the pass-through of property-tax related surcharges and new regulations.

Online filing saves postage, paper and time. To sign up to receive Rent Control communications electronically, click here. At its April 9th Board meeting the Board amended the new regulation to require landlords to file "buyout agreements" with the Rent Control Board.

Spring Newsletter Delivered Our spring Rent Control News was delivered recently to all tenants and property owners of rent-controlled properties. The end-result is that most property owners will not be affected by this change, but tenants who live in buildings sold in recent years will receive some relief from the impact of property sales over which they had no control.

A mutually fence-protected display is seen last year by group Atheists United containing a quote by Thomas Jefferson Graffiti: Share this article Share National atheist groups earlier this year took out full-page newspaper ads and hundreds of TV spots in response to Catholic bishops' activism, around women's health care issues and are gearing up to battle for their own space alongside public Christmas displays in small towns across America this season.

The new regulation will provide relief for tenants who pay unusually high surcharges, most of whom live on properties sold and reassessed in recent years. The information sheet can be downloaded herebut it will also be mailed to all landlords at the end of June.

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Santa Monica had been previously nicknamed the City of the Christmas Story because of its long tradition of displays started in 'If these church groups insist that these public spaces are going to be dominated by a Christian message, we'll just get in the game - and that changes everything.

As building sales prices have risen in the city's feverish real estate market, so Best online dating site ever have property taxes and assessments that are based on the assessed value of the property.

For his part, Vix is surprised - and slightly amused - at the legal battle spawned by his solitary act but doesn't plan anything further. Copies of the amended regulations are available at the Rent Control Agency in Room at City Hall Santa monica dating online by clicking here.

The single-sheet document contains rent control basics including information about rent levels and rent increases, eviction protections, maintenance and repairs, and base amenities. The Board's action came after hearing from tenants that the property-tax-related surcharges have escalated significantly in recent years.


The report also highlights the work of the Rent Control Board's five elected commissioners and explains how the Agency's four divisions act to inform the public of its rights and responsibilities and to enforce the rent control law.

Tenants are under no obligation to accept buyout offers and should realistically evaluate whether any amount offered is sufficient to cover the loss of a controlled rental unit.

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The decision to ban the displays also saves the city, which had administered the cumbersome lottery process used to award booths, both time and money while preserving the park's aesthetics, she said.

Vix hung a simple sign that quoted Thomas Jefferson: No longer are owners required to bring or mail paper forms to the Rent Control office each time a new tenancy is registered. The city has decided not to allow public Christmas displays this year because of the past few years' feuds, one such seen Most of the signs were vandalized and in the ensuing uproar, the city effectively ended a tradition that began in and earned Santa Monica one of its nicknames, the City of the Christmas Story.

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No more guessing if we received the form. The Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee argues in its lawsuit that atheists have the right to protest, but that freedom doesn't trump the Christians' right to free speech.

Electronic Communications Sign-Up In keeping with the goals of a sustainable Santa Monica, the Rent Control Agency is giving people who receive communications from the Agency the option of having future communications that are available electronically delivered by email.

The two others went to the traditional Christmas displays and one to a Hanukkah display.

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Forms are submitted electronically, and when they are received, we'll send confirmation by email. Anyone interested in further information about the new regulations should contact the Rent Control Board at or visit our offices.

Owners interested in signing up for the seminar may do so by emailing Rent Control here.