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It is with a great deal of sadness that I part with the vehicle I have owned for 17 years but a lack of garage space for intended house renovations means no choice.

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The owner has priced the car with consideration of the fact that cosmetic work is required. This, confirmed by Caterham archives, is a Caterham fitted with a dry-sumped Kent engine UK dyno shows It attracts attention wherever it goes.

A snippet of data thanks to Ron Stainton.

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But this splendid image of Sunderland is included. Africans were first taken to Jamestown in as indentured servants; legalized slavery was not introduced for several decades.

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Rockingham speed dating returned to the team in and made all seven on the team's attempts. The rear seat base upholstery has some splits and there are a few minor cosmetic items which a new owner might wish to change, but the car is correct and very sound. The present owner is a BMW enthusiast, with five in his collection at present.

GP3 was ultimately seen as a bit of a disappointment though, lacking proper network-multiplayer-support and using only an evolution of the GP2 graphic-engine. It is a beautifully presented, extremely rare early Italian sports car.

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Although some Native Americans live throughout the state—especially in the urban environs of Washington, D. Many of the photos originally shown here, and some which remain, were taken by him years ago when he was just getting interested into railroad photography and railfanning.

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The chrome, lights and other ancillaries present very well. Or possibly a quite different Laing family? A correspondent has suggested that the image, of 'Laing's Bend', dates to the s, before Laings built their main berth launching downstream. A network of commercial airports offers regional, national, and international flights.

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Brought to Perth by first owner from the UK; I am the 3rd owner. Graphic accelerators era[ edit ] Graphics accelerator cards brought a new level of realism to the graphics and physics of sim racing games.

This moved the genre along significantly. The restoration was completed in and he car has since done 17, miles, including a drive to the Studebaker Nationals in Adelaide. It Rockingham speed dating a Brand New cubic inch big block engine, Turbo transmission and 9" locker.

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