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One or more of the carbon atoms may be independently substituted with one or more of the same or different —R, —OR, —NRR or halogen groups, where each R is independently hydrogen, C1-C6 alkyl or C5-C14 aryl.

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When R1 taken together with R2 is C6 aryleno benzenothe resultant compound is naphthalene. Thus, polynucleotides according to the invention can range in size from a few monomer units e.

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Search articles by author. The most preferred heteroaryldiyl groups are divalent radicals derived from parent heteroaromatic ring systems in which any ring heteroatoms are nitrogens, such as imidazole, indole, indazole, isoindole, naphthyridine, pteridine, isoquinoline, phthalazine, purine, pyrazole, pyrazine, pyridazine, pyridine, pyrrole, quinazoline, quinoline, etc.

Typical parent aromatic ring systems include, but are not limited Rhodamine synthesis mechanism, aceanthrylene, acenaphthylene, acephenanthrylene, anthracene, azulene, benzene, chrysene, coronene, fluoranthene, fluorene, hexacene, hexaphene, hexalene, as-indacene, s-indacene, indane, indene, naphthalene, octacene, octaphene, octalene, ovalene, penta-2,4-diene, pentacene, pentalene, pentaphene, perylene, phenalene, phenanthrene, picene, pleiadene, pyrene, pyranthrene, rubicene, triphenylene, trinaphthalene, and the like.

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For reproduction of material from PCCP: For example, C5-C14 arylaryl is an arylaryl group in which each aromatic ring comprises from 5 to 14 carbons, e. Typical alkyldiyls include, but are not limited to methandiyl; ethyldiyls such as ethan-1,1-diyl, ethan-1,2-diyl, ethen-1,1-diyl, ethen-1,2-diyl; propyldiyls such as propan-1,1-diyl, propan-1,2-diyl, propan-2,2-diyl, propan-1,3-diyl, cyclopropan-1,1-diyl, cyclopropan-1,2-diyl, propen-1,1-diyl, propen-1,2-diyl, propen-1,2-diyl, propen-1,3-diyl, cyclopropen-1,2-diyl, cyclopropen-1,2-diyl, cyclopropen-1,1-diyl, propyn-1,3-diyl, etc.

For reproduction of material from PPS: Typical arylaryl groups include, but are not limited to, biphenyl, triphenyl, phenyl-naphthyl, binaphthyl, biphenyl-naphthyl, and the like.

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Where polynucleotides of specific size ranges are intended, the number of monomer units is specifically delineated. As an example, consider the following structure: The pentose sugar may be saturated or unsaturated.

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Typical alkyleno groups include, but are not limited to, methano; ethylenos such as ethano, etheno, ethyno; propylenos such as propano, prop[1]eno, propa[1,2]dieno, prop[1]yno, etc. In preferred embodiments, the arylalkyl group is C6-C20 arylalkyl, e. Additional exemplary nucleobases can be found in Fasman,Practical Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, pp.

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When the nucleobase is a purine or a 7-deazapurine, the pentose sugar is attached to the N9-position of the nucleobase. Rhodamine synthesis mechanism reproduction of material from all other RSC journals and books: Particularly preferred nucleotides are those which are enzymatically-extendable or enzymatically incorporatable defined infra.

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