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But in either case, the results of their presence are the same: First Lady Michelle Obama.

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Why wait for one of these stupid rows? Working women have cleaners, au pairs, nannies, of course we do. The "in" place to hang out for the diplo pack — apart from the UN's headquarters itself — seems to be the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue, not least because the hotel has a private railway platform underneath it connected to Grand Central station.

But it wasn't the presence of a substitute that one Rania nooyi dating apps for the Huffington Post took offence at — it was Clegg's and Cameron's sense of style.

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Yet belatedly, from on high, the Director-General Mark Thompson has now decided to do something and recruit an older female newsreader. Gordon Brown may be trying to help the middle classes but honestly, who is au fait with the housekeeping classes? Indeed too much talking, but then went a bit X Factor.

Since when did the UN need groupies, Sarah?

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He was covering for David Cameron because it clashed with the PM's paternity leave — something New Yorkers couldn't get their heads around, since maternity leave here seems to be largely optional. This is an old-fashioned kind of servant I associate with aristos.

But there never was.

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Just as New Yorkers feel they have their city back to themselves — as the fashion hordes head from Manhattan to London, Milan and Paris for the next round of shows — a new circus arrives in town. I like to hear the unemployment figures while imagining what the presenters look like under the desk, or to be told of earthquakes wondering what it would be like to kiss them.

We just saw a set of assumptions played out: I must admit I do not understand the UN celebrity groupies. Why are people like Bono and Naomi Campbell part of this show? The fuss over Arlene Phillips being replaced by Alesha Dixon on Strictly Come Dancing has reignited the row about ageism and women that has been simmering for years.

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So obviously most news and current affairs programmes are out of the question for me because some of them have women presenters! Diversity, in BBC terms, came to mean ethnicity, not age.

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It has succumbed to the cult of youth but is not nimble enough to keep up. Important Dinner for Women guests from left: No one could stop him rambling on. Really, Great Britain, if you want to move on from the Tony Blair 'lapdog' era of British power, isn't it time to break some fashion rules?

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Few women are given such a chance. On the BBC we want it to be read by journalists, not just presenters, and by journalists we can trust.

Fine, it focuses on the advancement of world harmony, not hemlines — but there are the same blacked-out SUVs ferrying the very important people around, the same chaos on major arteries like Fifth Avenue. And so on Planet Beeb, this is what happened. The BBC, though struggling to justify its licence fee, has been remarkably tin-eared on this subject.

The pair's dress sense "says '10 Downing Street', but they're both the blandest-looking white people, you probably have to be British to tell them apart. Is he going to import one from the States? Eavesdropping on the impressive throng, I overheard two supermodels Elite speed dating liverpool climate change, a trip to Rwanda and their forthcoming attendance at the Clinton Global Initiative conference.

Or am I too female and senile to demand an actual say?

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Humphrys and Paxman will go on and on for ever. But at least we know who he is and why he was there. The US has many other relationships.

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