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It is revealed to be a mask and a doll and the real Hanna has 24 hours left to be saved. Spencer shoots it down, stating that she wouldn't like to complicate things further by dragging Toby into it when he is finally happy.

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Spencer counters that they don't know for sure what it is and that they need more proof. Spencer gets a calendar alert reminding her of an afternoon lunch with Gill which she doesn't remember setting.

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She later pulls up a paper she wrote her sophomore year at Georgetown for her criminology course depicting an exact replica of Charlotte's murder.

Yvonne seems to forget she had a lunch with Spencer as well. Caleb stops Spencer and Toby from joining him and Mona in the car, saying there's no reason for all four of them to tail Mary Drake.

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That night, Caleb waits up for Spencer to come home and they talk about Spencer's experience with A. She says she'll go over the Mary Drake file again and tries to continue the sentence but he cuts her off with an "Okay.

Do you often wonder if any of the on-screen romances make their way off the screen into the real world? They talk with the group, the rest of whom are on couches and sitting in her living room beside the kitchen, about how to proceed.

Do Not Disturb Spencer and Caleb chat about Caleb's findings on the 'Hastings Opposition Research' file and discover that someone took a photo of Veronica's medical records and that the opposing team will likely leak it to make it seem like Veronica isn't capable of running.

Everyone's focus is on solving Charlotte's murder so that they can rescue Hanna but Caleb keeps bringing up Hanna's name more urgently than the rest of them. He actually reminds me a lot of Ezra, so clearly Aria has a type — physically and mentally.

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Caleb kisses her shoulder teasingly and asks her if she's distracted to which Spencer replies that she isn't. She is currently dating Anthony Kalabretta as of The couple has two kids together: He is currently dating his new girlfriend Lauren Hoover.

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Spencer cries out Caleb's name first as he suddenly leaves with Spencer's phone, knowing where to go to save Hanna because of it.

Caleb warns Spencer this could be a threat from Evil Emoji and to be careful.

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Charlotte's Web Spencer returns to the barn with Melissa where Caleb is waiting after finishing up a strategy session. March of Crimes Hanna and When first kiss dating are out for a run when Spencer drives past them and stops.

Hanna's life is on the line!

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Back at the Hastings house, Caleb and Spencer reminisce about their time in Madrid and how it has really been three years since they were there.

Caleb caresses her cheek and asks her if there's anything that she needs. Caleb offers to stick around for Veronica's campaign, which makes Spencer smile. Caleb shows her a false article regarding Spencer that raises suspicions about her involvement in Charlotte's death and promises to help her fix it.

Does seeing Toby again tempt her at all to go back to the familiarity?

He thanks her for calling him and they discuss how everything is "complicated. When Caleb leaves, Melissa makes a comment about how Pretty little liars spencer and caleb dating she and Caleb seem which Spencer brushes off.

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That scene was super emotional, because we were saying goodbye to each other, and Tyler and I have such a strong love. She misses him because you always miss your first love, but would she want to give it all up for him? He eventually gets into Maya's website and an elated Spencer celebrates with him and they hug.

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And the same thing when we came back from the dollhouse and Hanna started pushing him away — she went to Hanna and told her that she had to be better. He confronts her and promises to make her very sorry if any of her actions harm Spencer. Caleb tells her it's probably nothing but Spencer stresses that the police won't see it that way.

Later when she returns to the house, Caleb is working for the campaign and they discuss what happened last night and if they should pursue anything further. Is she someone to look out for?