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This philosophical difference led to Mason using "hard words" against Pynchon. Witchcraft and the New World's first banned book[ edit ] In46 years before the Salem witch trialsSpringfield experienced America's first accusations of witchcraft when Mary Parsons accused a widow named Marshfield, who had moved from Windsor to Springfield, with witchcraft - an offense then punishable by death.

The original, main profit-generating industry for Springfield was trade with the Indians for beaver skins, which were then exported around the colonial world.

Because of losses to war and disease, the Mohawk and other tribes often adopted younger captives into their tribes.

As the frontier moved north, Deerfield became another colonial town with an unquiet early history. At the Battle of Bloody Brook on September 18,the dispossessed Indians destroyed a small force under the command of Captain Thomas Lathrop before being driven off by reinforcements.

She became thoroughly assimilated, at age 16 marrying a Mohawk man. Most of the Deerfield captives eventually returned to New England.

During the early nineteenth century, Deerfield's role in agricultural production of the Northeast declined. It was overtaken by the rapid development of the Midwestern United States into the nation's breadbasketwith transportation to eastern markets and New York City enhanced by construction of the Erie Canal.

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In retaliation, at dawn on May 19,Captain William Turner led an army of settlers in a surprise attack on Peskeompskut, in present-day Montaguethen a traditional native gathering place.

According to various accounts, Northampton was named by John King —one of its original settlers, or possibly in his Pioneer dating, since it is supposed that he came to Massachusetts from Northampton, England Allen 9, Dwight 10, Leach In addition, more distant forested "wood lots" were offered.

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Brown's years in Springfield have often been called his "transformative years. Pynchon's settlement, however, agreed with him, and his philosophy, and that same year, voted to separate from the Connecticut Colony and be annexed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The Natives refused to sell their corn at market prices, and then later refused to sell it at "reasonable" prices. If the Natives would not sell their corn at market prices, then Pynchon was authorized Pretty little liars spencer and caleb dating offer more money.

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Just south of the Westfield Riverthe colonists constructed a pre-fabricated house in what is present-day Agawam, Massachusetts. He later to return to England.

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The initial land grants to English families were made there in what is today Springfield's Metro Centeralong what is today Main Street.

It was in this context that the land making up the bulk of modern Northampton was sold to settlers from Springfield, Massachusetts inand settled the following year.

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They were mostly Catholic peasantswho built their own churches and first worked as laborers, forming a community later known as Old Polonia. Pynchon was the founder of the city of Springfield.

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In the spring ofgrain was very scarce; cattle were dying of starvation. They struck at dawn, razing Deerfield and killing 56 colonists, including 22 men, 9 women, and 25 children. Only four copies survived.

The new people influenced Deerfield's demographics and culture.

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InBlanchard also built the first American car, a "horseless carriage," which was powered by steam. Residents founded the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association inand erected monuments to commemorate various events, including the Bloody Brook and attacks.

The nearby Connecticut Colony settlements gave power to William Pynchon to buy corn for all four English settlements, Springfield's natives were, by far, the most congenial to the English. To obtain this land, their agent John Plympton signed a treaty with some Pocumtuck men, including one named Chaulk.

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First settled by English colonists inDeerfield was incorporated in Ininventor Charles Goodyear perfected and patented his process for making vulcanized rubber in Springfield - as ofPioneer dating it has been for many years previous, Goodyear's name is known the world over for rubber production.

Colonial casualties numbered about sixty.

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Smith's Ferry was ceded to Holyoke, Massachusetts in Such was the case with Williams' daughter Euniceeight years old when captured. Inthe first, functional, American gasoline-powered car was produced at the Stacy Building in Springfield by the Duryea Brothers.