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Automotive Detailing Business If you're hoping to own your own business, this is not the way to start your career as an entrepreneur. Dog As precious as this pup is, you're better off adopting from a reputable shelter. Recycler also features a very easy to use search tool, making the sorting process less strenuous.

Dental Treatments Are you sure you want a bartering dentist putting a drill in your mouth? Share them in the comments below. Breast Pump Your newborn's nutrition is probably not something you want to mess with. Nursing Bras While saving money is great, this may be one purchase you want to treat yourself to brand new.

Pawngo Pawngo isn't completely like Craigslist in it's ability to find services, job listings or apartment rentals, but, much like the name suggets, the site puts a digital spin on the concept of pawn shops.

What other sites do you use instead of Craigslist?

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Adoos Adoos acts as a much more typical classified listing hub with categories devoted to real estate, vehicles, community and jobs, among others. Unlike other bartering or swap sites, Oodle also offers a Online dating like craigslist for services instead of just goods, and even houses a place for personal ads.

It's more streamlined than Craigslist and could work for one-off instances when you need to get something specific done. Child's Medical Boot You should get a doctor's opinion before equipping your child in a used medical boot.

And a recent redesign revealed a much more user-friendly interface, including the ability to see and sort items with their photos.

It's pretty much Internet dating services ratings swap site where you can Online dating like craigslist up some of your time or a product and trade for something else you might need.

The site displays internal listings but also ones from eBay and Facebook Marketplace if you opt to sign in with your Facebook account. Human Hair You probably want to see hair for yourself before making this sort of investment.

Pawngo's team makes offers on items based on estimated resale value.

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Tattoo Guns If it's forever, you might as well be safe. Toothbrushes It's your health we're concerned about, not ours. You can exchange anything from pets to home listings appear, though it works best for actual products.

Recycler This site helps users find and sell used items in a simple manner. Oodle Oodle is probably the biggest rival of Craigslist because it aggregates posts from various other sites into its hub.

The general layout is much more eye-catching than Craigslist's bland design. Weight Loss Formula If you're into incredibly unverifiable products sold online, this weight loss formula might be for you.

Just don't invite us over, please. You can also create a listing for items you're seeking.

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Hoobly is the most similar to Craigslist in it's look and feel, though it does have a feature that asks users to register with an email address to help minimize spam on the site.

The only category missing from the site is personal ads which could be a pro or con depending on your needs. If the user accepts the offer, they ships the item to the headquarters in Denver, Co. Indoor Yard for Your Pet If you would like to put another dog's toilet in the middle of your living room, be our guest.

Unlike Craigslist, Adoos lets you log into the site through your Facebook account to provide more credibility and search optimization. The downfall — Adoos has a significant amount of ads for external sites that you have to wade through to find what you really need.

Contact Lenses You should have a doctor write you a prescription before purchasing contact lenses online.

Unsuitable Toilets We challenge you to think of one good use for a device that used to hold a stranger's poo. And here's the best part — Oodle has its' own mobile app.

Opened Baby Formula Opened three weeks ago U-Exchange This site, like Recycler, isn't great for career or apartment listings, but it does allow for the bartering of goods and services.

It's perfect for someone trying to make a little extra cash from jewelry, tech, or odds and ends. Kid's Potty You don't know who has sat on this thing.