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Einstein himself used variants of this quote at other times. For example, in a conversation with William Hermanns recorded in Hermanns' book Einstein and the Poet, Einstein said: Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion.

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Jesus is too colossal for the pen of phrasemongers, however artful. Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.

There have been disputes on the accuracy of this quotation. We are in the position of a little child, entering a huge library whose walls are covered to the ceiling with books in many different tongues.

Is there not some more valuable work to be done in his specialty? I have also considered many scientific plans during my pushing you around in your pram!

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A scan of the article is available online here. It does not know how. Today the general level is much higher than ever before in the history of the world, but there are few men whose stature immediately sets them apart from all others. The atmosphere of our infancy predetermines our idiosyncrasies and predilections.

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Most of them are somewhat odd, uncommunicative, solitary fellows, really less like each other, in spite of these common characteristics, than the hosts of the rejected.

I am a Jewbut I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene. Today a joyful notice. Lorentz hat mir telegraphiert, dass die englischen Expeditionen die Lichtablenkung an der Sonne wirklich bewiesen haben.

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Es kann nicht sein, was Sie sich vorgestellt oder was Sie wollten. I think he is even greater as a writer than as a psychologist. In science, moreover, the work of the individual is so bound up with that of his scientific predecessors and contemporaries that it appears almost as an impersonal product of his generation.

To deprive every ethnic group of its special traditions is to convert the world into a huge Ford plant.

Warten Sie, bis Sie etwas Vertrauen aufgebaut haben. Weidenfeld and Nicolson Response to atheist Alfred Kerr in the winter ofwho after deriding ideas of God and religion at a dinner party in the home of the publisher Samuel Fischerhad queried him "I hear that you are supposed to be deeply religious" as quoted in The Diary of a Cosmopolitan by H. - Meine und deine Partnerbörse

This may be an edited version of some nearly identical quotes from the Viereck interview below. Opening of a letter to his friend Conrad Habicht in which he describes his four revolutionary Annus Mirabilis papers 18 or 25 May Doc.

Each makes this cosmos and its construction the pivot of his emotional life, in order to find in this way the peace and security which he cannot find in the narrow whirlpool of personal experience.

There is no logical path to these laws; only intuition, resting on sympathetic understanding of experience, can reach them. Auch hier Vorsicht walten lassen. Too many of us look upon Americans as dollar chasers. He is already sufficiently paid by his experience of seeking and finding.

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A happy man is too satisfied with the present to dwell too much on the future. They happily began discussions about the goals and methods of science, and they showed unequivocally, through tenacious defense of their views, that the subject seemed important to them.

In the second place, The Talmud must be made an open book to the world, in order to cut the ground from under certain malevolent attacks, of anti-Semitic origin, which borrow countenance from the obscurity and inaccessibility of certain passages in the Talmud.