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One direction preferences hes dating your best friend tumblr, 23. he's your best friend

I love you so damn much and I hate seeing you with that guy.

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As your lips touched a passionate yet G rated kiss was shared between you and Zayn. He had always been your best friend and always stood up for you whenever you were in trouble.

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I want to all for myself. Liam and Harry are best mates but when it comes to you they both love you dearly. You had been in love with him for years and for him to talk about some other girl in front of you broke your heart.

It started out okay, but then it almost became awkward to hang out with him. You knew as soon as Harry had kissed you that night at the club 4 months ago, that Liam was going to freak out. You dropped the bowl of chips that were in your hand and moved your arms to his neck.

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You were lying in bed with Harry your head laying on his chest, his arms around your waist. Give the paps a run for their money. Then kissing me on the cheek. You thought he also like you by the way he talked to you or about you, the way he winks at you when no-one else is looking and how he hugs you just that little bit longer at parties such as this one.

Hope in those beautiful eyes of his.

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You and Liam were busted. Fortunate for you they sit 8 rows in front of you. Until you ran into him on the streets. There are 2 gates. They kinda caught us. So the youngest member of One Direction is Harry. You were at the movies with Louis having a secret date night, you went by yourself and just happened to sit up the back next to your secret boyfriend.

Zayn pulled Niall into the kitchen, where you were sitting reading a magazine. You were all watching some movie. You instantly pulled away as well was he did.

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As you were just grabbing a new bag of chips from the pantry and shook them into the bowl you hear the door shut. The boys were all at our house watching some T.

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The lads were all invited and your friends from school were also. The side door is never really used as it is just down the side of the house. You close the door and make your way to the back gate.

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You just leaned in for a hug, and hugged him for what felt like forever. You were sitting on the couch and so was Harry and Liam was sitting on the chair.