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Matchmaking wattpad, only one will become an original digital series for cw seed.

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Company officials say the story on the platform was one of the most-read in There are no naked babies here. Your favorite online stories, now available in your headphones!

One by one, all of Serena and Clemont's Pokemon disappeared in search of their trainers. Ash-and by extent, Greninja himself-had been training nonstop along with the rest of Ash's Pokemon for the Kalos league, which would take place in less than a month.

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Maybe I can get Braixen to notice me that way? But it should be interesting to see how much of a following the show may gather.

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He is also co-owner and editor with Jane Friedman of The Hot Sheet, the newsletter for trade and indie authors.

Did he really make her that uncomfortable? But hey, we're alone now so we might as well make the most of each other's company, right? Cut to Cupid getting out of his car and what kind ride is a Cupidmobile, anyway?

Come if you need anything," Ash said, standing up and walking off to where his starter and the proud forest champion were waiting.

Three hopeful filmmakers have created trailers for the Wattpad sensation Cupid's Match.

When he turned around, however, he was surprised to see that Serena was nowhere in sight, despite the fact that Sylveon and Pancham were playing together not far from where Greninja himself stood.

Dedenne looked up from the Pokepuff he had been eating. And if anything, this first foray puts onto the table a worthwhile dilemma for Wattpad and its ambitions, a question that may quickly become pressing as its drive toward production accelerates: With all the energy that Wattpad Studios is rightly devoting to its new directions, many of us are willing to believe that stronger, more important literature than this is somewhere on that platform.

No, this is a god reduced to a high-school hotty. His confusion only grew when he realized that Clemont and Bonnie were also missing. At this writing, the system lists Watch the CupidsMatch pilot on cwseed and let us know if you want more!

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Instead she finds out that cupids are real, she has been identified as the 'match' of the banished, dangerous and irresistibly attractive Cupid himself, and that due to an administrative error he will be arriving at her high school tomorrow.

Well, that was weird, Greninja thought, staring after Dedenne in confusion. I honestly wasn't planning to publish it yet, but I had a good idea for the first chapter and figured I should start writing while my muse was still active.

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In its press material, Watpad describes the story this way: Before he could say anything else, however, Dedenne swallowed the last of his Pokepuff and ran off. With a start, Greninja realized that he was alone with Braixen now and wondered if they had left on purpose.

I hope this book starts off well.

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Well, that wasn't entirely accurate. Reductio ad high school: She was kind and sweet and beautiful.

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They had finally perfected their Ash-Greninja form and Greninja felt that they had a real chance to win, even against Alain. Gritting his teeth, Greninja turned around and forced his expression into a more pleasant one.

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Unfortunately, she seemed to prefer Chestnaught instead.