China apparently has tick matchmaking : GlobalOffensive China apparently has tick matchmaking : GlobalOffensive

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If me and my friends from 2 to 4 players wanted to play a match, we either played 2v2 on a ladder, or 5v5 through ESL Matchmaking. The idea is to take around a third of the servers currently online, and convert them to tick. The reason you Register so much better in community servers like my self is just that the server is quite a bit more dedicated then the match making servers which run quite a few instances on the same Actual server through virtual machines After seeing the tick-rate issues that I never before even had touched, I stopped.

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For some reason, Valve have decided to run all of their "Competitive" Matchmaking games on 64tick servers. There still is a problem for us integrated players though: The standard for measuring your skill is by giving your league, and sometimes also sub-leagues e.

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I played deathmatch very often, and joined in a few different 2v2 ladders. This is also the case for some community servers but often people rent a full server as well which removes the whole virtual machine thing. The thing I noticed the most about it, however, was the impressive implementation of competitive play into the game.

A game so very different, but still with some of the same properties it's highly competitive, and hard to master.

Its just my two cents and if you feel I am wrong thats fine, I'm open to being wrong. This allowed Matchmaking 128 tick to compare myself to my mid-skilled friend, and also to my other friends who played the game.

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Check out this video to better explain the point: The pros, the high-skill-guys and the noobs like me played and practiced using the same tools: Those who don't really mind, don't have to. More importantly, I could easily understand the difference between any two players.

However this is Speed dating in pretoria south africa in every single matchmaking game, and is damaging the experience of what is supposed to be a game geared towards eSport.

Getting a game was really hard, as the ESL matchmaking took easily 20 minutes to find a match for us, and often people left.

The main problem howerer, lays with the new players.

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At that time, I was unaware of the implifications proper settings rates, etc. Now, is Tickrate actually going to be better then 64 tick rate?

I played matchmaking every day, but I slowly played less and less. This would all be fixed, I hope, if tick was introduced. Therefore, those who want to play on tick, can queue a bit longer for the chance to play the available servers.

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But Valve could make better servers. The game itself cannot give us a accurate meassure of skill, and getting a fair game is really hard through merely low-mid-high skill-grouping which is the EU standard of getting a game through IRC.

If that is the case, Valve should consider doing this as soon as possible. I understand why the pro scene and services like ESEA have tick, aswell as some of the community servers but it just isn't worth it to implement into MM.

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By the time I stopped playing CS: Those who want to play a fair game of CS, but have no choice to be left with the annoying spray-and-pray pop servers that they are given to by Valve. The difference between the two tickrates is monumental in correctly registering shots to the hitboxes.

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Most and seriously, a pretty massive portion of steam users use 60 Hz monitors, which will not display more then 64 tickrate servers actually apply, so, even if and your FPS Counter can still list higher then what your monitor will actually display you get say FPS but use a 60 hz monitor By joining, or logging in via Facebook, you accept Change.

Every server I joined had it proper settings After a year or two of enjoying CS: