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Hey, I saw that smile, Hye-soo. The next day she takes Eun-sung to stay with Young-hee, and tells her daughter that the nice ajumma Marriage not dating ep 11 raw actually her grandmother.

He starts to call Ji-hoon to have him take his mother home, and Mi-ran grabs the phone, which makes her brother ask if he has to be responsible for her death, too. Ji-hoon runs into Na-yoon on his way out, who came to bring Mi-ran flowers.

Eun-sung wants to go home and see her kittens, and when Hye-soo says no, she stomps out to ask Joo-yeon to take her. He tries to ignore Jung-hoon on his way out, blowing up when Jung-hoon grabs at him and Dating distance online answers.

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She meets with Chairman Han again, this time by her request. She tells her friend that she wanted to date and kiss a man, and dress up and go out.

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He thinks she did sell her liver, and Hye-soo freezes — oh no, what does he want now? He sits with his mother but keeps craning his neck looking for Hye-soo and Eun-sung, and Mi-ran warns him not to get too attached to them.

Meanwhile Hye-soo officially quits her job at Promise, and Soo-chang adorably grumbles that Ji-hoon better not have bullied her into leaving. He makes Hye-soo take him for coffee and gives her some papers to sign.

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You can tell that it takes every ounce of her will not to answer the phone. He calls Mi-ran and offers to bring her anything she needs, though she says she needs nothing and tells him not to call her anymore.

She kisses him back just as passionately, but then she backs off and, without a word, walks away. He follows her home, though she tries to lose him unsuccessfully. They narrowly miss Ji-hoon on their way to catch the ferry, and when he gets back to the cabins, Mi-ran tells him that he should go home before his father gets angry.

I know you feel the same way, too. Unconvinced, Ji-hoon asks one last time if she really means it, and Hye-soo says that she does. But is it me, or is his father starting to look tired of fighting? Eun-sung asks Young-hee to take care of Eun-sung for a little bit, and Young-hee is thrilled to get more time with her granddaughter.

But Mi-ran misses Hye-soo and asks Ji-hoon to bring her around after her surgery, and even asks after Eun-sung.

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Poor Ji-hoon is in agony waiting to hear from Hye-soo, hugging his pillows and whining to the empty room that he misses her.

He shoves Ji-hoon outside the gate and tells him never to come to the family home again, shutting the gates in his face. Shark just creates another loud scene and leaves, for now.

She says that their kiss was a mistake, and stands to go, reaching out a hand for the backpack. Her doctor tells her that her symptoms will worsen without treatment, and at this point, she only has a thirty percent chance of survival over the next five years.

After Eun-sung is tucked in bed, Hye-soo takes care with her appearance for once, fixing her hair and putting on makeup.

He asks if she was really so desperate and again she nods, saying that it was the only way out of her situation, and asks him again to divorce her.

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No matter what, I like you as you are. Hye-soo loses her temper and yells at Ji-hoon to go away, but he just lights up that she just spoke banmal to him for the first time.

Mi-ran is given a new surgery date, and her doctor is pleased — the donor being her brother, the match is even better than it was with Hye-soo.

Ji-hoon grabs her phone to do something, and fusses at her when she addresses him formally again. Hye-soo gives him a hug, which makes him so uncomfortable that he cringes and makes everyone laugh. Ji-hoon lets her go, for now.