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The following shall not be regulated under this section: A home occupation may only be conducted in the principal building and not in an accessory building. A suitable structure to provide shelter from the elements and an outdoor pen shall be provided.

Goats shall not be slaughtered on premises.

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Nursing offspring may be kept until weaned, no longer than 12 weeks after birth. An accessory building for the housing of small animals or fowl except chickens, see below shall not exceed 36 square feet in floor area when located on a residential lot and neither the building nor the fenced area for their roaming shall be closer than 25 feet to a property.

The keeping of miniature goats for personal use of the household no commercial uses shall be permitted subject to the following: If it is found that a solar energy system would have a positive impact on energy production and conservation while not having an adverse environmental impact on the community, but the placement of such system requires violation of city setback or maximum height limitations, allowance of such systems may be permitted through the variance process and shall be encouraged.

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Do not contain habitable space as defined in the building code ; shall be set back not less than five feet from the lot side and rear lines, except that one accessory building which does not exceed eight feet in height nor 64 square feet in floor area may be located on lot side and rear lines.

Normal residential use shall be construed as including the above impacts only on an occasional weekend or evening basis e.

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The shelter and pen shall be built and maintained to prevent the goats from breaking through, out, over, or under the same. Outdoor storage of equipment, materials, or more than one vehicle related to the business is prohibited.

The enclosed shelter shall provide a floor, walls, and roof and shall be a minimum of four square feet per chicken.

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Such stock must be incidental to the main activity permitted by the home occupation. We have been with them a year now. On-site sale of firewood; 6.

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The wither is the ridge between the shoulder blades of the goat. Thanks and have a great day!

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The keeping of small animals as pets shall be Lynnwood hookup as an accessory use. Any home occupation sign must meet the residential sign regulations in LMC The use of Lynnwood hookup energy systems for example, attached solar greenhouses, attached solar sunspaces, and solar collectors can be an effective and efficient method for producing energy and reducing energy consumption.

Do not exceed one story in height not to exceed 15 feet ; 3. Family Child Care Homes. Sheet metal fabrication; 7.

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The majority of residential structures within Lynnwood were constructed before solar energy systems became a viable means for producing energy, thus lot yard setbacks and height restrictions do not take such systems into account.

Provided, that the director finds: Home occupations that generate traffic or parking are limited to the hours of 7: Use of the building or structure would not adversely affect adjoining properties.

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Approval of a building or structure under this section may be appealed within 14 calendar days of issuance of a determination under this section using Process II. Pens and shelters are not permitted in the area between the primary dwelling unit and the front property line.

Electricity provided to the shelter will require an electrical building permit.

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The amount of square footage you get for the monthly rate is awesome! Trips, whether personal or for business, by residents of the dwelling, shall also not be included. In order to show that the proposed energy system will conform to the above, the applicant shall be required to submit a site plan and elevations showing the location, size, and dimensions of the solar energy system and its relation to all adjacent properties.

Enforcement activities will be conducted pursuant to LMC 1. Notice of such approval shall be mailed to owners of property that adjoin the site of the proposed building or structure. The display or storage of goods outside the premises or in a window is prohibited.