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She isn't actually a Gothic Lolita, though. Keitaro's not on the cover because he happens to be away until the last three pages of the book.

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Kanna from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid normally wears a frilly dress that's something of a hybrid between Gothic Lolita and traditional Ainu clothing. Su only wears shoes if needed. Hare lampshades this when he points out to Guu that the school's shoe lockers never get any use.

There are other times when Erza requips her footwear off during battle, so she can grip her weapons with her toes.

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Futaba from Mitsudomoe always goes around barefoot. Akari in ARIAtends to go barefoot to her heart's content. Commercials showed Mountain Dew drinkers happily going barefoot in public or social situations.

Characters with non-humanoid body shapes are exempt from this, as it's more notable if such a character is wearing human clothes. In a Chipmunks Go to the Movies fanfic that spoofs the film version of DragnetBrittany is the owner of an Elegant Gothic Lolita clothing emporium that was robbed; Jeanette was a sales representative.

The manga Doll by Mitsukazu Mihara is filled with tons of characters wearing lolita, specifically the Dolls androids of the story. This is deconstructed in his advertisement for Winter Heat, wherein he races across an ice rink against an ice skater, but is later found desperately warming his feet up.

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When she's outside, she ditches her shoes whenever she has her ability to fly back, as it means her feet don't have to touch the ground. Although she wears shoes in flashbacks, Nel now travels everywhere barefoot. Cute umbrella and all. Kiri is also a barefooter; panty-state is unknown, as is her dexterity — she never goes outdoors, so she never needs or has a reason to wear shoes.

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Mavis eventually grew used to being barefoot and decided she felt better this way than wearing shoes, and thus quit wearing shoes. A businessman in one BMW commercial, promoting the sensitivity of the car's all-wheel drive, decides to explore his workplace and its city barefoot, and learns to enjoy feeling different tactile sensations with his feet, including the brush of an asphalt road, and the rush of a rainwater stream.

Yui from Sword Art Online goes mostly barefoot. In LovelessNagisa's outfits No pay dating apps often gothic lolita.

During Aqua Alta, the water would get so high even galoshes weren't enough to keep it at bay, and if her galoshes filled up with water as she waded along, she'd take them off, drain them, and then stuff them in her miniature gondola.

The twins Layla and Lola also dress in gothic lolita fashion. Except when on the mainland, where she wears a pair of pink sandals, but once she's about to return to the seas, she takes them off immediately.

Cana Alberona sometimes kicks her shoes La boutique de mami online dating when she's drinking. There are some reasons that are common enough to be specific subtropes: Enlightened sages and eccentric mentorsfor the reason that they know and see more than everyone else does, and are just too wise to care about said social conventions.

She's later gifted a pair of oversized shoes in recognition of the fact her bare feet are conspicuous, but they get thrown out after she wears them out, which makes Momoko furious.

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It doesn't match her cheerful demeanor at all. The cover of volume 11, in which Kanako first appears, has all the characters except Keitaro dressed in this style.

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In his earliest appearance, Mello is barefoot, ostensibly because he's imitating L, as a contender to be L's successor. Characters with magical powers sometimes go barefoot - this may be because they need contact with the soil for their powers, because they are invulnerable to injury or soiling, to demonstrate their lack of interest in social conventions, or to demonstrate their "higher being" status.

Mihara also did the first covers of the Gothic Lolita Bible.

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Another example would be Tsukuyomi and her Victorian-stylized outfits she wears into combat never seen without one. We have delicious options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts, and our unmatched quality will make your next event truly memorable.

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