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Kino Escalation

When you do this you can get a sense for whether she would be comfortable with a longer touch around that area, such as having your hand around her waist. Heavy kino When she is comfortable with mid kino you can move on to heavy kino. Short handholding — Another cold reading routine you can use when you have her hand is to place two fingers on her wrist, as if checking her pulse.

All the regular rules of kino apply. Then, when she expects you to be sensual you go back to being playful by tickling her or snapping her bra.

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Smelling — In the middle of a conversation you can reach over and smell her neck. Do you give good hugs?

Keep it light and do not linger.

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You focus on the most public parts of her body: Hand on her leg — Put your hand on her knee. Lastly, be aware that some PUAs have a lot of success with women by intentionally pushing women out of their comfort zone, and then backing off if they get some resistance.

Think of a kiss as just another form of kino.

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This can be very powerful, and while it will put off some women, it will be effective with far more: Remember two steps forward, one step back, and go for it! Proper kino escalation begins with the very first stages of a set, and it — obviously — continues and builds slowly all through the set, culminating in sex and even post-coital behavior.

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Dancing — If you have a dance floor you can take advantage of that to get some serious kino going. Mid kino After she is comfortable with light kino you progress to mid Naples florida dating service. It is important to memorize these steps.

After she has accepted an escalation step she will be open to receiving the kino for longer periods of time.

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Do not take it personally. Make sure that you are open for anything and take it as far as it will go that night. In general, the girl will be more comfortable touching you than with you touching her.

This requires some careful calibration and experience to get right, though.

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I want more of it. Kino routine steps There are three steps in a kino escalation routine. You should always be the one to disengage kino during the attraction, comfort, and seduction phases of a set.

Touching a woman sends powerful signals.

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Everything is light, fluid, and fleeting and comfortable.