10 Truly Effective Tinder Pick-Up Lines That Actually Worked 10 Truly Effective Tinder Pick-Up Lines That Actually Worked

Icebreaker jokes for online dating, re-imagined classic pick up lines

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Oh wait, that was in my dreams! So what's one more?

10 Ice Breaker Pick Up Lines

It is not a yes or no answer. Are you stuck on Caps Lock? I have got you covered!

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What kind of bird can lift the most? You need to get your hands on these pure gold pick up lines today!

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The horse skidded to a halt just 1 inch from the cliff. The man agrees and drives off.

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Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. The only thing is thatan interesting fellow trained him.

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What do you call a country where everyone has to drive a pink car? What do you get when two peas fight?

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What does it tell you? Try leading with something trendy like "Are we a snap? Catch it in the winter!

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A man is driving down the road with twenty penguins in the back seat. Check out these reworked classics made for online chats. Gleeful, somber, gleeful, somber.

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Looking for dates in Bournemouth? Can I take him for a test run?

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What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cement mixer? If a long dress is eveningwear, what is a suit of armor?