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I got the hook up fight, there was an error trying to load your rating for this title.

By this time the other lines are cleared and all rods out the way. In most cases you do not need to strike the fish will be on solid.

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Now the angler will fight the fish, and this must be done by pulling the rod up and reeling down, never for a moment must you give slack line when reeling down as this can result in either the line wrapping around the tip or the fish getting un-hooked, either way you will loose out.

The first rule is: You are trolling anywhere between 6 and 12 Knots depending on your lures and conditions, and you get a hook up and the reel starts to growl, or scream.

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Now you get the fish close to the boat and it is of utmost importance that the boat is moving forward, in some cases you may have to even need to speed up to keep to the same speed as the fish, especially with bigger fish.

Some points to note, if the fish is small compared to the tackle I never even clear the lines or slow the boat down, just winch him to the boat grab the line and swing him over board.

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Then you gaff or grip your fish and pull him over board, in the case of Billfish wear gloves and use you hands to grab the Bill keeping the fishes head under water to keep him calm.

The boat is moving so the fish will not be able to go around the boat or I got the hook up fight props, he will come alongside the boat and he will be much calmer than if the boat was still.

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Now you are starting to gain line and get the fish closer to the boat, if it is a larger fish and the angler is struggling to gain on the fish slow down to 1 motor engaged ONLY do this if absolutely necessary, NEVER disengage and fight the fish with the boat on drift, this gives far to much control to the fish, whereas with the boat moving you have control.

Remember the man on the rod is the King.

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Also an important note is that when the boat is moving during the fight and when the fish is close to the boat, your fish is less prone to being taken by a shark compared to when the boat is drifting.

The Gaff man must hold the gaff or Boga Grip out of site until he is going to use it, if you hold it up it will scare the fish away, I like to hold it flat against the gunnels on the outside of the boat.

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