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The truth is that to go sailing, you have to connect to sailors. This group is about getting you connected with other people on boats to enjoy the pleasures of working together using just Wind and Water to get where you want to go.

We are not a charter operation or an organization that schedules or acts as an agent for charters.

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As an organizer, I don't fret about it. As another poster said, a lot of activity online is members checking out the profile pictures of the other members on RSVP and Waiting and "I want to go!

And, if so, why is this a negative and not a positive unless it's a MU group focused on prudes or celibacy. Members get together afterwards for a beer or coffee.

It's fun to try and score a goal in soccer but even more fun when the goalie has boobs.

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So, I suppose we have a reputation like just about every other MU group that welcomes both genders. Each Member of the Network, Skipper and sailor is responsible for learning and adhering to applicable laws and regulations.

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What exactly is a reputation as a singles group? Marcusgalactic on November 26, No matter what your experience level, whether you are stuck on land, and think you'd like to try sailing, or have a boat and need crew, we are dedicated to helping you realize your dreams.

Quote We are about passing on the passion of Derek ramsay dating. I have a large 'leadership team' - we never meet I'm just very careful to judge whether a member has the right focus before I let them become an assistant organizer.

Meetupbetter above reflects my observation. Yep, "most of those are eying each other as potential partners" That's human nature and it's what makes the world go round.

It's a niche group, focused on a particular outdoor activity not unlike hiking.

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These sailors host events and use the RSVP system associated with the software platform we use to facilitate those events. It turns out that very few of the members of my group are couples. November 26, Some of the skippers in our network host events that members can attend, and we use the MeetUp Platform to facilitate that.

My group is not about that, but it happens anyway. When you joined MeetUp to join this network, you agreed to certain terms of conditions that extend to the organizers, co-organizers, assistant organizers, and event hosts that use this platform to post events, which are called 'meetups' by the company that provides the software platform we use.

I deal with it in my group description: I just checked and have 37 sporting events scheduled this week of which 29 are male and female participation.

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We are a network of skippers and sailors. Take out the potential for hooking up and we'd lose three quarters of active members.

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