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Unless you have one of these, just tape it up into the harness. IF it has an Orange Wire - This is usually an illumination wire that hooks to your dash lights to dim the display at night when your head lights are on.

Our offerings include the following: I hope this answers your question, -Scott H. For any inquiries or concerns about our products, feel free to give us a call at Using quality lifting tools ensures not only the success of the job, but the safety of the workers in the jobsite as well.

Just tape Hook up my cart up into the harness.

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For tips about the items we offer, kindly refer to our blog. Red Wire - Hook it to the positive side of the extra battery.

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Yellow Wire - Hook it to the positive side of the extra battery. Black Wire - Hook it to the negative side of the extra battery.

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To make it easy for you to browse our website, we've categorized our products on the left-hand panel. Blue Wire - This is an amp turn on lead or power antenna lead. For the Fuse Block, just run a heavy gauge wire from the positive side of your extra battery to the positive connection of the fuse block.

This wire is for the radio's memory and settings, it should be constantly powered without a switch. If the fuse block has a grounding point, run it to the negative side of the extra battery.

That's why we at Advantage Rigging aim to provide only high quality lifting products to guarantee the safety of workers whether in construction, oil and gas extraction, or any industrial setting where heavy lifting and moving takes place.

If you expect that extremely heavy loads will be lifted or moved, a suitably strong product should be selected.

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Before making a purchase at our online store, be sure to be ready with the specifications you need. Having started as an on-site inspection and repair service for rigging hardware, we understand how important it is to have reliable lifting products in the field.

To make shopping even more convenient for you here on our website, create an account today.

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Please check your radio's instructions to confirm this. All the other wires are for the speakers, hook them up as per the radio's instructions.

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We've since branched out to provide quality lifting equipment including hooks and coupling links, nylon slingspoly chain slingslifting slingsand moreā€”all manufactured for long-term reliability and to ensure compliance with OSHA standards. To help you make the best decision, working load limits and other technical specifications for the rigging products we have are provided on the product page.

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Nylon Lifting Slings, Lifting Straps, Tow Straps up to 12" wide, and Polyester Slings in all colors and strengths; we can custom make anything you require. Shop around to find the rigging equipment you need.

A toggle switch can be used in line to turn the power off when you don't want it running or you can do like I'm going to do and just switch it off with the radio's power button.

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