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Harmony, Pennsylvania[ edit ] Main article: Nevertheless, most of the group stayed and Rapp continued to lead them until he died on August 7, At Economy, on special occasions and Sundays, women wore silk dresses using fabric of their own manufacture.

Although the Separatists supported civil government, the group refused to make a physical oath in Harmony dating support, "for according to the Gospel not oath is allowed him who gives evidence of a righteous life as an upright man.

While the Senate passed the petition on January 29, it was defeated in House of Representatives on February A member's list of matches does not indicate which members are paying or non-paying, so users may not be able to communicate with all of their matches.

The Society shipped its surplus agricultural produce and manufactured goods throughout the Ohio and Mississippi valleys or sold them through their stores at Harmony and Shawneetown and their agents in Pittsburgh, Saint Louis, Louisville, and elsewhere.

The Harmonists had to find other financial means to support their plans for future expansion. The Harmonists were fond of music and many of the members were accomplished musicians.

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In January Rapp traveled to Washington, D. Because the area's climate was not suitable, they had difficulties growing grapes for wine. As Economy became more technologically developed, Harmonites began to hire others from outside the Society, especially when their numbers decreased because of the custom of celibacy and as they eventually let fewer new members join.

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Because the group chose to adopt celibacy and their members grew older, more work gradually had to be hired out. Under this agreement, if a member left the Society, their funds would be returned without interest or, if they had not contributed to the Society's treasury, they would receive a small monetary gift.

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The Society's trustee, John S. The American Bridge Company had already acquired other parts of the Society's land in to build Harmony dating town of Ambridge. Rise Harmony dating fall of Harmony Society[ edit ] George Rapp had an eloquent style, which matched his commanding presence, and he was the personality that led the group through all the different settlements.

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Due to the troubles they had in Europe, the group sought to establish a more perfect society in the American wilderness. Rapp's son, Johannes, was married in ; and it was the last marriage on record until They had many machines that helped them be successful in their trades.

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Rapp believed that the events and wars going on in the world at the time were a confirmation of his views regarding the imminent Second Coming of Christand he also viewed Napoleon as the Antichrist.