The £2-a-day hayfever 'cure' that's too expensive for the NHS | Daily Mail Online The £2-a-day hayfever 'cure' that's too expensive for the NHS | Daily Mail Online

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Also a German study carried out on people in suggested that EPA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in oily fish like mackerel and sardines, could reduce risk of hay fever but scientists admit that more research needs to be done.

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Share or comment on this article: More people are getting hay fever for the first time in middle-age but because of variations in the pollen count, they might not suffer the same symptoms every year.

The problem is the cost and the potential number of patients.

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The tablets are just one of a host of allergy pills and vaccines in the pipeline. Everyone with the condition has to monitor their blood-sugar levels constantly to check whether they need an Grazax online dating injection.

Not scientifically proven but harmless to try. Where drugs are licensed, health trusts should consider funding if recommended by the clinical and in the light of existing evidence.

By rinsing out the nasal passage with a saline solution and getting rid of the pollen as well as unblocking it. Immunotherapy, in which sufferers are given injections of small doses of pollen, requires the patient to go to a hospital for up to 90 jabs over a three to five year period.

You can download one for free at www. You take it every day for three years by which time you should have become immune to grass pollen. Vaccine on-stream IF you're a grass pollen sufferer, an exciting new vaccine is now available from your GP - and best of all it doesn't involve needles as it's a daily pill.

In a recent Greek study the parents of children aged one to 18 filled in detailed questionnaires about their children's eating habits. It's not cheap at The vaccine, being developed in Switzerland, could be available in four years. The device could also help the million patients with type 2 diabetes who are insulin dependent.

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It can be used either preventatively or as a treatment. Injections have been shown to reduce symptoms for at least three years, but you'll need to be referred to a specialist.

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The idea is that local honey is contaminated with local pollen, the ingestion of which desensitises you.