Orbiting: Forget ghosting, this dating trend will ruin your love life Orbiting: Forget ghosting, this dating trend will ruin your love life

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It read extremely weirdly in comparison to her other texts, not to mention it came through weeks after she stopped speaking to me.

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Six months is a long time to walk away with no explanation. I was dating this guy for about 6 months. I found a new apartment, took the day off work to move out, changed my phone number, deleted all the photos of us from her laptop and social media accounts, and notified our friends and families that I didn't want to have any contact with her.

Uh, what kind of human being brings you juice before they dump you? You never hear from him again. One day, I asked if we were okay because I really just wanted to know what was going on since he kept saying we were fine.

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And it wasn't the first time. A few months later the not interested dude lost his shit and started to go on about how he loved me and I dumped him without cause.

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One day she told me she was quitting the job not really shocking but it was sudden. Eventually we started a little community radio show together. Let that person write to you, detailing the situation.

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After some drunk swearing, I asked for the manager — who thankfully made me a free kebab. This is a modern trend and some would say, an epidemic! I politely asked her to leave and that I would talk to her about it when I woke up. By the way, my Japan trip was awesome.

I stayed up until 2am!!! I deleted him off all social media and got rid of his number because the lack of closure was killing me. Everything was going great. The first one is a letter of disappointment.

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It was only when I saw a recent viral tweet which called out this particular Instagram phenomenon that I realised how many others were being haunted by ghosts on Instagram. Yep, it was just as scary as it sounds. After months of chatting I was finally going to Online dating sites in paris this person who I had basically had a second life relo with.

Sometimes, ghosting is, well… fine. You call him, and it goes straight to voicemail. Then, out of nowhere, she cools on me.

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Fair enough, but instead of breaking up with me she just peaced the fuck out. We had met at work, and been friends for a couple years before dating.

Ghosting is a painful experience both men and women go through and it can happen at any stage of a relationship. I will always remember the first time I was ghosted.

So were all in the dark. Otherwise, let 'em watch. I did this to my ex GF. Almost everyone has a ghosting story.

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I went home back to normal life, but we Skyped regularly and chatted on Whatsapp constantly. We eventually planned to meet up in Japan the year after. Needless to say, that particular Instagram handle hasn't appeared in the list of viewers since then.