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They visit the doctors, but both Lee and Whitney are tested positive for chlamydiawhich Lee caught from Abi. Oz catches Lee crying and calls him a "cry-baby girl", trying to take a photo on his phone and telling Lee that he would lose everything if his family and friends knew the truth, calling him "spineless", and Whitney would leave if she met a "real man".

On Christmas Day, Lee is arrested for conspiracy to commit robbery.

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Lee is later relieved when he learns that Ollie is not Dean's, and visits Linda and Ollie in hospital, with the company of Casual dating im internet and Whitney.

She calls him pathetic and says he disgusts her but says she will not tell Mick because he is dealing with the stress of Linda being in Spain with her mother Elaine Peacock Maria Gary and charlotte dating 2014who has suffered a stroke.

During their drive, Whitney confesses to kissing Mick. Starting inthe penalty will be points deductions to the manufacturers championship.

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Three months later, his father Mick visits Stan Carter Timothy WestMick's grandfather but before he can reach the flat he is punched by an unknown youth, and afterwards Mick discloses to Max Branning Jake Wood that he believes that the man was his son, Lee.

Lee asks Whitney to take a pregnancy test but she says she cannot get over that he was involved in the robbery, calling him "spineless". Mick talks Lee round to accepting the fact that the baby may be Dean's but he will always be the baby's brother, half or not. Can we visit about this question the next time we talk on the phone or visit together?

After throwing a party, Mick and Linda later return and are horrified to see Shirley behind the bar and Dean drinking in The Queen Vic.

If teams act in deliberate negligence to cause engine failures, the penalty will be starting from the rear of the field.

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A representative for Charlotte vehemently denied Stephen's claims to MailOnline and explained that the issue was now being dealt with by her legal team. Johnny now Ted Reilly worries about the amount of money that Lee is spending on his wedding, but Lee insists he is fine.

Later, when Phil turns up at The Queen Vic drunk and demands more drinks, Lee tries to escort him out but Phil, being the owner of the car lot, sacks him. Lee tells her that he is not surprised her boyfriend Tamwar Masood Himesh Patel left her, prompting Nancy to angrily push Lee.

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Lee tells her how much he wants to look after her and she tells him that she is sure that he will. After she tells Mick this, Mick forces Lee to give him Oz's address and returns with blood on his knuckles, sparking concern from Babe.

On the first day of time trials Saturday May 17all cars entered made an attempt to qualify. He cancels his stag party and promises Whitney that he will change and be a better boyfriend, only for her to tell him that she is moving to Milton Keynes to stay with Bianca.

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Charlotte formed a turbulent relationship with the new father after meeting on Geordie Shore inuntil their pair finally called it quits in Single- turbo powerplants were no longer permitted. I felt embarrassed for some of these callers, as they would share personal things over the phone. He tells Shirley he cannot afford a flat, so she tells him that Whitney will Gary and charlotte dating 2014 happy as long as she has him.

God is faithful and able.

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When Whitney buys an expensive Christmas gift for Linda, Lee applies for a further loan but is refused. He spends the day hiding in the allotments, briefly encountering Patrick Trueman Rudolph Walkerwho tells him that relationships built on lies never last.

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To assist with getting to work, Mick buys Lee a new car, which he takes Whitney for a drive in. Charlotte and Stephen first confirmed their relationship in February last year, but broke things off in October.

Remember I was one of the staff who saw [name of secretary redacted] sitting on your lap with her sheer night ware on.

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Lee's brother Johnny Carter Sam Strike shows an interest in him, knowing that he is gaybut Ben tells him he is no longer homosexual and insults Johnny with homophobic names, resulting in Lee viciously attacking him.

An upset Whitney, realising that Lee plans to leave on his own to figure himself out, tells him to leave and she watches him from the window as he drives off. The first track activity for was a refresher test involving two drivers, race rookie Kurt Busch and former winner Jacques Villeneuve.