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In this type atmosphere it may be possible to get to know the players, if you can attend the same facility that the team uses, and start some fitness training too. I had been over for a business thing on Friday and my darling wife joined me for the weekend. Not all may agree, but it is a personal belief that these pages are currently home to perhaps the finest collective of football writers and analysts in the English language.

She went on to have a brief relationship with Brazilian footballer and current free agent Reginaldo Ferreira da Silva in Ah yes, an excellent strategy for the crazies out there!

The full list of the world's top footballers can be found below along with information on each players club, position, nationality and age. Follow the Outdoors girl dating procedure but lie in wait behind a parked vehicle as your hero approaches.

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Michela Quattrociocche Alberto Aquilani As I pondered the lack of a creamy head on my beer the doors opened and a track-suited figure appeared yes it was literally an apparition…I thought! Although he has a strict training regimen, he has free time to relax regularly too, football isn't played all year.

Lena Gercke Sami Khadira Leap out in front of the car and hope he brakes in time. He may seem depressed or angry when his team doesn't win. Prior to Ronaldo, she had dated former Everton striker Marcus Bent. Alexandra ivarsdottir Gylfi Sigurdsson Girlfriend Old enough to have seen him play, having read every book written by or about the man and having had his picture poster in pride of place on my bedroom wall throughout my childhood years….

Contact the teams administrator and ask if they need any volunteers.

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When he choses you, you get the perks of free tickets to the game and are able to attend functions and special events not open to the general public.

The bar end at the front was deserted and we perched ourselves on a couple of high stools facing the 3m high frosted glass doors. But I must warn you, this strategy is risky. She and Ramos dated for about a year then broke up.

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Chelsea and Manchester City each have eight players on the list. In the good old days you could roll-up at a beach in Majorca on a sunny June afternoon and expect a kick about with several pro footballers, adjourn to the pub for a night of fun and even feed off the scraps of their female entourage…if you had good lines or were just plain lucky.

They then frequent the players' favourite haunts in the hope that one of them will take notice. You will have to suffer through these lows. Sheringham was actually a judge in the Miss Great Britain contest Danielle took part in and people believed this to be the reason she won it.

There are 8 Argentinian players on the list and both Italy and France have seven footballers on the top How to be a Successful WAG Follow all or any of my other tips to get noticed ensuring you are looking your most ravishing at all times….

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Footballers are known for attracting women like how their governing body FIFA attracts scandals. So there I was in on the Kings Road in Chelsea.

Sometimes meeting a footballer can turn into a whole different story. Thus it was probably no surprise that she went on to bag Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos.

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You might get lucky if they stop to collect the mail but are hardly likely to engage them before a panic button has you rugby tackled by security. The average age for the footballers appearing on the list is 26 years old.

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I played it cool if you can ever be cool while Footballers dating site like a leaf and waited for the great man Footballers dating site take a trip to the lavatory reconnaissance had already established that it was just behind us. She was part of that world cup body paint campaign for Sports Illustrated a few years back.

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