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Florence replaced Turin as Italy's capital in and, in an effort to modernise the city, the old market in the Piazza del Mercato Vecchio and many medieval houses were pulled down and replaced by a more formal street plan with newer houses.

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From to Florence was the capital of the Napoleonic client state Kingdom of Etruria. Instead, an equally historic area of streets directly to the south Firenze speed dating the bridge, including part of the Corridoio Vasarianowas destroyed using mines.

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However, at the last moment Charles Steinhauslin, at the time consulate of 26 countries in Florence, convinced the German general in Italy that the Ponte Vecchio was not to be destroyed due to its historical value. Bourbon-Parma were deposed in December when Tuscany was annexed by France.

It became a secundogeniture of the Habsburg-Lorraine dynasty, who were deposed for the House of Bourbon-Parma in The fact that the Medici were bankers to the pope also contributed to their ascendancy.

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He was convicted as a heretic and burned at the stake on the Piazza della Signoria on 23 Can students dating professors Tuscany became a region of the Kingdom of Italy in Restored twice with the support of both Emperor and Pope, the Medici in became hereditary dukes of Florence, and in Grand Dukes of Tuscanyruling for two centuries.

Climate[ edit ] Florence with snow cover in December Florence has a humid subtropical climate Cfatending to Mediterranean Csa.

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Florentines drove out the Medici for a second time and re-established a republic on 16 May The Allied soldiers who died driving the Germans from Tuscany are buried in cemeteries outside the city Americans about nine kilometres 5.

Some 7, soldier-students were to pass through the University during its four one-month sessions see G.

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In the 15th century, Florence was among the largest cities in Europe, considered rich and economically successful. But when he realised the size of the French army at the gates of Pisa, he had to accept the humiliating conditions of the French king.

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Commissioned by the Medici, Machiavelli also wrote the Florentine Historiesthe history of the city. Lorenzo was a great patron of the arts, commissioning works by MichelangeloLeonardo da Vinci and Botticelli.

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Leonardo da Vinci statue outside the Uffizi Gallery Of a population estimated at 94, before the Black Death of[18] about 25, are said to have been supported by the city's wool industry: The Arno river, three other minor rivers Mugnone, Ema and Greve and some streams flow through it.