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Adventures denotes that we will participate in or seek out adventurous activities and experiences. Gives up things that are important to them Cancels plans with friends to appease the other person Becomes isolated from family or friends Worries about making their significant other angry Shows signs of physical abuse like bruises or cuts Feels embarrassed or ashamed about what is going on in their relationship Consistently makes excuses for their significant other's Ewu dating Get Help Develop a Safety Plan A safety plan can include things such as changing your routine, arranging a place to stay and talking through scenarios to address encountering the abusive person: What does it cost?

Domestic and Dating Violence

It's nothing personal, we're just not a club, so you can't "join. It is important to develop a safety plan prior to leaving the relationship if possible.

What does "EPIC " stand for?

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Before every trip, we'll give you a detailed packing list, so you'll know what to bring. EPIC is supporetd through Services and Activites feesso our trip prices reflect only the price of travel, food, and small miscellaneous expenses.

EPIC is an acronym: This fund was created to provide compassionate assistance to students who encounter unforeseen financial emergencies or catastrophic events that may hamper their academic progress. That being said, the sports we offer do have risks involved, and we can't eliminate every risk.

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Other things you can do: We are here so that Eastern students can try new things. For instance, on a whitewater rafting trip, you can show up in a swimsuit and we have pretty much everything else you need.

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Attempt to leave or end the relationship can also increase the likelihood of a dangerous event. Keep evidence of abuse.

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Class absences can only be approved by individual faculty. What if I've never tried it before?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding EPIC

Washington State Domestic Violence Hotline 1. Plus, many students love the community-building benefits EPIC offers. If even this doesn't satisfy you, see our employment page if you just need to "join" EPIC.

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Students, for the most part. However, while we may not be able to discuss a specific situation we can, in general, discuss policies and procedures.

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Sometimes you may want to ignore what's happening, or to downplay and minimize the situation. Well, that depends on the trip. If you want to sign up for a bunch, check out our loyalty point program.

Even though it may be hard to believe Ewu dating would actually hurt you.

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