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Essay questions, by design, go deeper into the content of the book and require students to use Dating rules dpstream higher-order thinking skills we're always talking about, like synthesizing and analyzing.

However, inside he is more angry and revengeful. Characters as contrasts in human nature A. Discuss his treatment by the Lintons compared to their behavior toward Catherine in this context.

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Earnshaw treats Hindley and Heathcliff. Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange; two families, each with two children; two couples Catherine and Edgar, and Heathcliff and Essay questions for wuthering heights ; two narrators; the doubling-up of names.

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Questions issued by Penguin Classics edition—cover image, top right. Discuss the difference between the way Mr. Setting Your students visual images will be sparked by Bronte's rich description of setting.

How are love and revenge connected in Wuthering Heights? There are many characters and societal expectations that affect the story. How does he compare to Heathcliff?

What influence does setting have on the novel? You know your students best, so we'll let you chose when and where to use these essay questions--before, during or after reading. But it is also impossible to think that her feelings for Edgar equal her feelings for Heathcliff—compared with her wild, elemental passion for Heathcliff, her love for her husband seems frail and somewhat proper, like Edgar himself.

Use the questions below to help your student understand the characters and events in the book.

Under what male names did Charlotte, Emily, and Ann Brontë publish a collection of poetry?

Use these questions to encourage discussion and insight into the book, Wuthering Heights. Discuss the novel's meaning to you. Although she marries him largely because of her desire for his social status, she seems genuinely drawn to his good looks, polished manners, and kind demeanor.

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Discuss Emily Bronte's careful attention to a rigid timeline and the role of the novel as a sober historical document. Lockwood and Nelly Dean influence the story as narrators? Edgar Linton is a kind, gentle, civilized, somewhat cowardly man who represents the qualities of Thrushcross Grange as opposed to the qualities of Wuthering Heights.

How would you describe Catherine and Hindley? Why do you feel he would choose such language? Defend Heathcliff or Hindley based on whom you believe has the most justification. Argue whether or not Lockwood has genuine feelings for Cathy.

This allows you to gauge their understanding for both grading purposes and to determine future teaching topics, helping you to differentiate along the way. As the second generation of characters gradually exhibits certain characteristics of the first generation, names come to represent particular attributes.

Do you think the novel's moral content dictates one choice over the other? Save Time We've broken down the chapters, themes, and characters so you can understand them on your first read-through.

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Is their depiction typical of Bronte's time, or not? Linton Heathcliff becomes a mixture of the worst of both his parents. Catherine and Edgar—she makes him miserable with her wild scenes and passionate attachment to Heathcliff, while she cannot thrive in his world of gentleness and order.

For example, besides the two Catherine s, there are a number of Lintons, Earnshaws, and Heathcliff s whose names vary only slightly. Is he a force of evil or a victim of it?