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Inan early precursor to the computer was found among a shipwreck dating to the early 1st century B.

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InCrimean peasants found a solid gold crown depicting Scythian daily life. Doubts of the authenticity of this fibula existed untilwhen chemical Discovery dating quiz proved the inscription real. A man working in a gravel pit in Piltdown, East Sussex found pieces of a skull with a human-like cranium and an ape-like jaw in Called Linear B, this language is the oldest deciphered language in Europe.

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Newell, October 16 A year-old mummy of the daughter of King Xerxes was found in Pakistan in The cartoon-like carvings quickly exposed this as a hoax, but scholars inside Spain were fooled perhaps because of nationalism.

This finding gives more evidence to the theory that Stonehenge was a funerary complex. Hikers in the Alps found Europe's oldest naturally preserved mummy September 19, Wilfrid Voynich purchased a manuscript in Themes for speed dating dates to the early 15th century, but the script and language is unknown and it documents plants not resembling known species.

Wooden writing tablets found at Vindolanda are the oldest handwritten documents in Britain.

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The crown was damaged in only non-essential areas and had traces of modern tools. When the text was examined again init was found that it included English idioms and borrowed symbols from several languages.

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At first, some scholars did not believe Dart, but his findings were eventually proved real. During the California gold rusha human skull was found buried beneath million-year-old volcanic deposits.

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These artifacts were quickly exposed as fakes because of their poor quality and crudeness. Inarchaeologists found a skeleton measuring 1.

The Louvre put the tiara on display once more in in its 'Salon of Fakes' exhibit. This is the oldest written document found in Jerusalem and indicates the city was important as far back as the late Bronze Age.

For years, the complexity of the mechanism was unknown, but it is now known the mechanism can calculate where stars and planets appear in the night sky. The statue was made by Shaun Greenhalgh, a known forger who was caught in A plaster replica was made which drew even larger crowds.

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An inscription on a gold plaque found with the mummy included a passage of famous text written after the mummy supposedly died. These tablets cover the daily lives of people living and working at Hadrian's Wall.