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If positive desert provides a strong reason for action, then there might be little to no need for non-retributive reasons to justify punishment; if positive desert provides a weak reason to punish, then punishment may Definitional essay hero not be justified unless there are strong non-retributive reasons to punish.

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Lex talionis at least promised to explain what sorts of punishments are justified, but if it fails, as it does, then it seems that retributivism cannot account for why we find certain punishments acceptable—primarily imprisonment, fines, community service, probation, the loss of certain rights, and possibly the death penalty—and reject others, such as torture, shaming punishments, or forced sterilization ibid.: Assuming that wrongdoers deserve to be punished, who has a right to inflict the punishment?

See Husak for the first three. Thesis Statement with 3 supporting arguments: The same applies to the similar theory developed by Markel In the following extended, verbatim quotation, Braithwaite lauds Du Bois—paying special attention to The Souls of Black Folk—and then briefly describes and praises Quest.

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As she puts it: Theorists in this tradition generally focus little attention on the extent to which earlier negative experiences either enhance or retard receptivity to transformation. Kant also endorses, in a somewhat different way, this notion of punishment.

Mitch Berman has argued that retributivism can appropriately be understood not just as having a consequentialist element, but as having an instrumentalist element, namely that punishment is a valuable tool in achieving the suffering that a wrongdoer deserves.

The following comments merely summarize the points that are most important for the purpose of understanding retributivism. He cares deeply about a lot of things, works hard for those things, and has supported my friends when they have most needed support.

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Finally, the state should accommodate people who would suffer extreme trauma from normal punishments, but that does not imply that the punishers should try to tailor the subjective experience of suffering to be proportional to the crime. There is a lot of good discussion about how to get these things.

The silver fleece is the cotton, and the beauty of the cotton fields in all the stages of growth is pictured with rare power by one who passionately loves them.

It can also be less problematic to cause most variations in the experience of punishment than it may at first seem if people are to some degree responsible for their own hypersensitivity—compare Rawls's thought that people are responsible for their own preferences Rawls This literature of assertion and protest did perform a valuable service, however, for it encouraged and vindicated cultural equality, and at the price of much melodramatic sentimentalism, did induce a recovery of morale for purely cultural pursuits and self-expression.

Nonetheless, there are three reasons it is important to distinguish the two. But if they respond to Kolber this way, retributivists cannot claim contra Husak that their commitment to proportionality requires them to give credit for pre-trial detention, as pre-trial detention is not meant to be punitive.

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These are also the same guys who do things like going into a gym, or a school, or another space heavily populated by women, and opening fire.

I kept my job because I knew how important it was to me, and how lucky I was to have this Job.

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Du Bois is the most variously gifted writer which the race has produced. Du Bois therefore utilized fiction to display his sociological findings for the suppressed Lowndes Definitional essay hero study.

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Thesis, Supporting Points, Outline To do well on a project you should be prepared to spend time over several days to do your best work. To be retributively punished, the person punished must find the punishment aversive and the severity of the punishment is at least partly a function of how aversive he finds it.

Support you opinion with reasons and arguments.

It is unclear, however, why it calls, in addition, for harsh treatment. Classes essentially just started and like always, the new freshmen are still giddy in the excitement of a new school with new classes. Putting that issue aside, the main question is whether the theory can account for harsh treatment.

This is because the most plausible alternatives seem unable to account for it.

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This quasi-retributive thought may draw on the same emotional wellspring as retributivism. In the past semester I have grown more as a writer than I have in the past years.

Not every SAT essay topic will take David Koeppel says that grades are very important and should be First, the challenge of justifying wrongdoers' forfeiture of the right not to be punished, if they do not deserve to be punished, is different from the challenge of doing the same if they do deserve to be punished.

Personal virtue is not very well correlated with ease of finding a soulmate. Your folder is due in class on Wednesday or Thursday.

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Duff has argued that she cannot unless she has also suffered public criticism and social ostracism—and even then, such informal punishment should be discouraged as a substitute for formal punishment Duff