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Dating your zippo, date and patent codes are key to dating vintage zippo lighters

Dating Zippo Lighters

This date code error was corrected within the same year to read: Chart and footnotes are from the Zippo Facebook page as is the Bottom Stamp image. Slim Zippo lighters were introduced in and had no date code on the bottom of the lighter.

Again, placement of the wording, the material the case is made of and the number of barrels on the hinge play key factors in dating earlier Zippo lighters.

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Fortunately, those date codes are a tremendous help today in the ability of collectors to correctly identify the year any given Zippo lighter was made. Beginning inthe same markings were used on both the slim and regular.

Zippo debuts 80th anniversary lighters in 2012

From throughslims had different bottom date codes than did regular size Zippo lighters. Beginning inthe Roman numerals indicating the year were replaced with numbers corresponding to the last digits of the year of manufacture.

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Some lighters produced between were date Kasia struss dating however, specifics remain unclear. Zippo records indicate an overlap of bottom stamp configurations from Articles on Zippo Lighters and collectibles.

The date code is the same format as Regular Windproof Lighters. Date codes appeared as early asand the dating system was fully in effect by The appearance wasn't so great and there was a tendency to rust, so a black crackle paint was used on these lighters.

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Black crackle Zippos were apparently produced only for shipment to armed forces overseas and none were produced for domestic sales. Inthe last two digits of the year were used along with the same letters for the months, and that system continues today.

Many of the early hinges were replaced, as have been some later ones, so the hinge barrel count is not always absolutely accurate as it is possible a repair replacement has been made.

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The information presented here came from researching a number of Internet sites with bits and pieces from each.

Inthe holes in the chimney of slim lighters were enlarged. Dating Zippo lighters produced in Canada from until is difficult due to the lack of date coding.

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These codes provided him with the date of manufacture, should a defect be found, allowing him to maintain records of repairs. The bottom stamps shown here generally provide for time spans. One of the slash marks was removed from the left of the Zippo trademark instead of being removed from the right; thus the code read: Inserts can also be dated by their material, number of holes in the chimney, flint wheel style, cam style and markings.

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Inthe dot and slash date code methods were replaced with Roman numerals representing the year and letters of the alphabet representing the month of production.

The Zippo Canada bottom stamp image is from http: The difference between a and Zippo can be determined by the insert as the ones had markings on them.

Slims were first marked in Outside hinge with 3 barrels: Beforedating Zippo lighters can be a bit tricky, as the exact placement of the words must be taken into consideration.

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Blaisdell had date codes imprinted on the bottom of the lighter cases. In an error was made in the date code. Pending was stamped from until the end ofwhen it was replaced with Pat.