Dating the White Billionaire by Lena Skye Dating the White Billionaire by Lena Skye

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The book is probably still free, so if for no other reason than that quick little laugh, get it.

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I would not be buying the sequel to this book, I have other books by this author in my shelf on kindle and reading this book has not tempted me to even search for those other books in fact it's going to take me a long time to try and read any of those books.

I'm pretty sure it was her "I don't know anything other than the drug game, how to flirt, and I have a lot of sex appeal, but I'm a great catch" attitude. She takes no bullshit. There was a scene when Kyle was first broaching the subject of Camille being at his "disposal" that had me rolling with laughter that referenced a certain former president TJ and the slave woman he allegedly loved SH!

I liked the episodes and how you would go to different phases in the characters relationship. I also liked the sentence that gave you insight into the next chapter, but I will say the catch up from each episode was a little awkward in this book and could sometimes be a bit annoying-you are already flowing with the book and desperate to know what happens next and then you backtrack.

WTF, none of this book made sense plus the storytelling was so rushed. Camille was quite a character. It probably would have been better had it been longer and the ending didn't have to get rushed, that was my biggest issue really.

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I liked the spicy, adult romance Arab dating sites marriage this book and the genuine affection and love-it just happened fast and felt a little rushed occasionally.

Camille and Kyle, two totally different people from different backgrounds who actually find a connection neither expected. I could not wait to finish this book as I grimaced, groaned and rolled my eyes throughout the whole process of reading this book.

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More details about Kyle and his life Jul 09, Deborah Wadlington rated it really liked it Very sexy book, but too soft The book was goodbut too short I guess that's to get you to buy the next 3 books Sep 18, Lebrondae Shei rated it it was ok Puke!

She had her chance with him and she blew it. I really enjoyed Lena's style and the story she wove around me. Marcus can go take a fast walk down a short pier.

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I hate to read a story that Dating the white billionaire by lena skye running to fast for the plot to unfold, I liked to be teased, in suspension, toyed, get my brain and emotion Involved in the characters lives and their thought process.

The topic was ok; white guy wants to dominate black chick, and he'll pay her handsomely for the privilege, ok, I guess I can dig it.

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Kyle's reaction to what Camille said was priceless! And yes Amanda was a bitch.

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We don't need him. Other than that, it was okay. It was very different from what I am used to with regards to romances.

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I loved her sassiness. It takes you awhile to get used to it and I think this was a bit bumpier because it was the first book, but by the Pretty Fly for a White Guy book the formula was working and I really got into it.

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This was awful to read. Kyle seriously needs to marry her. They are exquisitely perfect for each other.

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Kyle has met his match. I like the independent female who needs to be chased and conjured into submission and I like my alpha male's to be a real dominant cold hunter gather, taking no is NOT in his vocabulary, but plays game to win his target with pleasure. Great new series and I look to see and read more.

I would have liked a little more insight into the hero's past but thought Camille was really well fleshed out and while full of flaws and sometimes messiness she is super funny and relatable. I'm sorry for this review as I love a book that has a bit more bite and can carry me along across the waves of emotional sea of currents.

I actually got the entire book all episodes together in one book! I also liked the sentence that gave you insight into the next chapter, but I will say the catch up from each episode was a little awkward in this book and could sometimes be a bit annoyi This was a really good book and I enjoyed it and stayed up last night to finish it.

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