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I have bought quite a few items via Ebay and had very few problems. High levels of iron produce darker greens, black glass, and even amber.

Painted, perhaps in gold, with a name, an event or site, pieces were fired on the spot and went home with the buyer. This all indicates that both bottles were likely produced no later than about This colorless "color" can be very diagnostic of a machine-made bottle made from about to to typically no later than the s Girade ; Lockhart b; empirical observations.

What Is Pressed Glass?

For two-part items such as punch bowls with separate bases, measure each item individually. The picture to the lower right is a close-up of finish of the Mission bottle. There is also some dating and typing utility associated with the olive hues which is covered at the bottom.

Most black glass bottles are actually a very dark olive green or olive amber.

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The set was bought by an anonymous telephone bidder. Embossed bottles like these offer some hope for the existence of additional information on the history of the product. More precisely this could be called a medium yellowish amber with an olive tint, though that makes the name quite a mouthful.

Not much is known about the mould makers who were perhaps the true craftsmen responsible for the amazing articles which have come down to us. Move to Question 9 dealing with bubbles in the glass. Different colors and shades of olive greens and olive ambers can be found in a lot of different types of bottles from different eras.

Can you tell me anything about it? This bottle began its life as colorless glass and has "turned" a much darker than average color of amethyst most likely due to the application of artificial UV light Dating pressed glass other artificial source like sterilization equipmenti.

The company name is embossed very faintly on the base of this bottle - click NEGBCo base marking to view a picture of the Dating pressed glass.

A Brief History of Antique Pressed Glass

Selected to form a perfect pair in size and weight, they have perfectly matching color and very fine pearl luster. These two colors are usually the same actual glass color with the black glass versions being either thicker glass or a denser tone. Ron Fowler's book "Soda: Ball fruit jars were made in a distinct "Ball blue" from at least until at least the late s and even later for some specialty items Creswick However, if more information were desired a quick search on the internet using the words "Mission Dry Corporation" the embossing on the base would lead a user to an assortment of information indicating that the company was bottling as early asthat its primary product was soda water, Online dating sites in india these style Mission bottles date into the mids, and miscellaneous information about specific company products like cans, labels, etc.

In this case, the bowl has sprays of leaves, plus large pressed stars.

Dating pressed glass can take some serious detective work - tribunedigital-chicagotribune

Air venting marks can be a very useful dating tool for bottles manufactured during the late 19th century. Selenium was the best decolorizer for glass made in open glass tanks versus the earlier closed pots which was used with most all automatic bottle machines.

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Like the greens, amber colors were produced from the natural impurities in glass i. Since the glass does have significant sized bubbles, it likely dates during the period between and s. The "I" can appear as a dot in the middle of this mark like with this bottle, though on most it is a more or less distinctive "I".

Different colors and shades of green can be found in just about any type or age of bottle providing no easily described diagnostic utility to this category of colors.

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Nothing is absolute in these date range estimates, but they are believed to have reasonably high reliability. Use of modifying terminology is frequently employed to make more precise the color shape, intensity, or hue.

Now only a perfect item will do and this I feel is a good strategy for starting a great collection.


We now have a dating range - albeit a fairly wide range - for this bottle from the early s to about However, for example sake we will continue through the questions. It sometimes appears that the lavender color was produced purposefully with a UV light or radiation so it is not always possible to differentiate between sun colored and intentionally colored lavender milk glass.

It is apparent that the answer to Question 1 is "YES" since this bottle has raised embossing.