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Not long after the victim will receive an email indicating that their name, picture, and phone number have been posted on a site where they are named a cheater. Clicking the link takes the victim to a job description specifically written for the skills and experience on the victim's resume, and provides a very high salary, and invites them to "click here" to apply for the job.

Each data card indicates the source of the data, the freshness of the data, and the list owner's privacy policy: Here's what you'll find inside Your search will reveal which mailing lists are the most relevant, most popular, least expensive, largest, and most up-to-date.

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When a victim is engaged, they ask for communication expenses such as translations, voice phone calls, video calls, "agency fees".

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The option to have the pictures and transcript removed from the site for a larger fee is also given. Fraudulent emails claiming the recipient had been issued a traffic ticket. With this information, the scammer can open up a bank account in any on-line bank and utilize the victim's credit to buy items online and ship them to associates who are in on the scam.

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One version seeks investors to help form an offshore bank. Your success depends on mailing lists Mailing lists are at the heart of every successful direct marketing campaign.

Finally, a tool to help you find the mailing lists you really need!

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The Nigerian Senate emblem is sometimes used in this scam. The victim is asked to contact the claims agent or award department. With The Mailing List Finder, you'll find uniquely-sourced response lists from multiple list owners with the highest ethics and quality standards.

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They impersonate the brides instead of providing a matchmaking service to them. Email scams[ edit ] Advance-fee fraud: Emails touting investments that promise high rates of return with little or no risk. The victim is seeking a job and posts a resume on any internet job site.

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The counterfeit check is cashed at the unsuspecting victim's financial institution in order to accomplish the listed tasks. This will help you reach people who are happy to get your message and are more likely to respond, too.

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