Rodney Alcala: On the trail of a serial killer - CBS News Rodney Alcala: On the trail of a serial killer - CBS News

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You know there's only one perpetrator, a little stone, but the ripples keep going and there's victims and victims and victims and victims. It was never really feeling safe that he was locked up because you always thought there was a chance he'd go free. He wanted to play an Arlo Guthrie song, "Alice's Restaurant," and there's a -- a part in that song where he talks about wanting to kill people.

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She let my mom know that she was going to be having a baby … And then nothing more was heard. She played trumpet in the high school band.


You know, she goes, "Bridget, is everything OK? Her family's high profile made the story front-page news as the NYPD kept up the hunt for her. Everything was kind of …"We don't know.

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Her godfathers were Sammy Davis Jr. Hundreds if not thousands … of these different images. Fearing the worst but still wanting answers, Thornton submitted her own DNA to a national database of missing persons.

She kept copies of every phone call and letter. For this reason, he would strangle them to an inch of their life, Dating killer alcala to let go, and start strangulating them again. And this time, as they face Rodney Alcala in court, cops and prosecutors believe they have extensive DNA evidence to prove it.

The only time he would show any type of a fervor in his voice would be when we point-blank ask him, "Did you kill her?

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Instead, he escaped through a backdoor. LAPD homicide Detective Cliff Shepard says the consensus among investigators is that fine-arts graduate Alcala, who preyed on attractive females ranging from stunningly beautiful career women to young and pretty teens, took their photos "to defile the victims as best he can in death.

She undertook a systematic effort to track Christine and her boyfriend's whereabouts that would last almost 40 years -- through marriage, motherhood, divorce and a career. She kept stopping at one of them, a picture of a beautiful woman on the back of Is jb dating selena motorcycle.

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And, in the past at least, he had the support of women in his Monterey Park—based family. In the spring ofChristine was heading to Montana with her boyfriend to pan for gold.

Alcala claimed those were his earrings. She was my role model. He has had 30 years to study the law on death row. The bones had been pulled apart, presumably by scavengers, animals.

LAPD officers soon knocked on the door and were greeted at a window by a shirtless Alcala, who told them he'd be right with them.

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For both families, who had lost all hope that these cases would ever be solved, the pleas by Rodney Alcala, and today's sentencing brings closure to painful chapters in their lives. She now believed her sister had been traveling with a notorious serial killer.

Sheaman was blown away when he found the Wyoming Crime Lab had saved skin tissue and bone fragments. I just saw that toe and I said, "Oh yeah, that's Chris. But the ordeal was just beginning.