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Meanwhile Victor gave Ashley the news that she would be getting the board position. Victoria threw a fit and Dating antique wine bottles. Sabrina, unable to get any of her other friends from abroad to come to the wedding, chose her new assistant Jana Hawkes as her maid of honor.

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Then Adrian Korbel was hired to do an article on Sabrina and the Newman Gallery for the third issue which she and Victor approved, and Victoria stepped up as a last minute replacement for the cover model which was done in a Hollywood retro style. He climbed out of the wrecked limo and accosted David Chow, demanding to know if Sabrina was with him and why.

They decide to arrest her when she's going to the custody hearing, and because she never showed up, the judge gave JT full custody of their son. Victoria was resentful that Victor passed her over and mentored Nick to take over Newman one day, while Nick was unable to forgive Victor for being too close to his wife, Sharon.

Albert turned out to be a nasty old man who still wanted nothing to do with his son.

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Neil and Karen Taylor decided to marry earlier than planned to help them get custody of Ana Hamilton. Not long afterward Victor returned and Michael filled him in on what had happened in his absence.

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He starts dating Charlie's former stalker Rose, but Zoey tries to reconcile with Walden, telling him she made a mistake. Gabe is later forced to admit he isn't Jack's son, in order to cover up another secret: They spoke French to each other and shared their love of art.

Alan and Walden get married so Walden can adopt a child and not live alone. David relented, noticed the driver was not the one who had dropped them off, and that he mistakenly called them Mr.

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She turned him down, but intrigued, returned home to check things out. Victor and Sabrina left for Paris on their honeymoon where Victor bought her a chateau. Walden has also matured a great deal by spending time with Alan and dating Zoey. To top it off her divorce decree arrived later, so to get away and forget their problems, Victoria and Billy took the next plane to Kingston, Jamaica, with no luggage or plans.

Stitch assisted the stubborn and hesitant, Victoria Newmanin Chancellor Parkwhen she twisted her ankle. Jack levered it open allowing Nick and Sharon to escape, leaving him there still trapped.

Her favorite line after a mini disaster occurs in the house is, "I ain't cleaning that up. And Dr Hypponen says: Victor called in J. Nikki was thrilled for them, but Victor was livid. Rose returns in "Advantage: Victoria was looking forward to buying a condo together, but Diego was more interested in revenge against the guys who beat him up.

Victoria was devastated when told by her doctor that there was little chance that she would ever have another baby, so Billy was determined to get her one. When Nikki heard, she pulled some strings with her friend, Judge Anderson, and got them a license. Victor hired Paul Williams Investigations to check on new son-in-law Brad's past, but after Victor sustained a head injury which changed his perspective on things, he asked Paul to drop the case.

He told her to go home, that he wanted the world to think he was dead.

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Victoria feels the best thing to do is let Billy go, but Billy makes a miraculous recovery, and swears to Victoria he is a changed man. Ashley was rushed into surgery, but baby Robert, named after John's father, died. Bridget reluctantly goes with her.