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Is there any way to make a happy ending out of it?

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Byung-hoon sends him down to engage with Mi-jin so they can observe the interaction. Yi-seol watches him go and calls him a dummy: As he reaches to help her up, he stops, confused: And gets an idea.

I love that Moo-jin just sits through it stone-faced, clearly not on her wavelength.

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The debt collectors come by again, and to preserve the ruse Byung-hoon introduces them as more troupe members whose gangster appearance is a product of Method acting.

He sinks into melancholy thoughts, and looking at that Sherlock Holmes charm triggers a flashback of when he first received it.

He makes a jab at her history of being dumped, and she retorts that at least she experienced it rather than doing nothing. As a result, Mi-jin offers her the job, starting tomorrow. Arang hangs his head. Byung-hoon heads next door to peek at the cooking lesson, scoffing like this totally means nothing to him.

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She recognizes Arang, who is the sole remaining member of the old troupe, and assumes that Min-young is one of the current members. Should they persuade the boss to give up Operation: The reporters push their way inside to get their money shot of the kissing couple.

But years later, when I began the movie, my idea of love changed.

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While finishing their dish, Min-young asks if there was ever a person Seung-pyo wanted to cook for. Heh, then waitress Hye-ri arrives and the three jump up to disperse the cozy scene. She heads next door to ask Seung-pyo to be her teacher, saying that she needs to learn how to cook quickly.

Moo-jin heads to a restaurant supply store, and Hye-ri happens by and offers a hand. Out in the hallway, she sees reporters peering into the theater.

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Seung-pyo immediately goes from nonchalant boss to penitent debtor, and the loan sharks growl at him to pay up or die. I could never like you as much as he does.

Crossroads of the Great South

Still, he was recommended to the agency by his uncle… who turns out to be one of their loan sharks. There he is again, sitting with a lonely cup of ramyun, head hanging. He worked on the script for 2 years, changing almost everything in the first draft but the film's basic framework.

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