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The man approaches with his blade in hand, and Ra-on backs away in horror, insisting that she absolutely cannot be made a eunuch. Her mother had been alarmed and reminded her that she was to live as a boy, slapping her across the face and ordering her to take off the dress.

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What right do they have to live here? They deliver her to a building and shut her inside with a beady-eyed, red-nosed man sharpening his many knives. They lean back and enjoy the afternoon nap.

Then he spots the guards stationed at the pier to greet his return, which he finds embarrassing. Autoblog is now Cyrano dating agency ep 14 recap of the Oath family. What are you so afraid of that you cannot do anything—no, that you do not do anything?!

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Yeong orders her to march home so he can confirm his identity for himself, and Ra-on has no choice but to walk on. Yeong kneels before the king, who announces to his ministers that the country is suffering because of his incompetence as a ruler, so he will make the crown prince regent, to rule in his place.

When she looks up, she Free dating sites like pof the posted sign recruiting eunuchs, and notes their generous pay—enough to repay her debt and have money left over.

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Aw no, what happened? He hugs her sweetly and they both shed tears. Looks like your cookies are disabled.

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At the palace, a heartbroken Princess Myeongeun refuses food and vows bloodthirsty revenge one moment, then worries that her sweetheart might have fallen ill the next.

Ra-on looks genuinely pained and her clothes are soaked in blood, but she praises the man for doing a neat job of it. Ra-on says defensively that the runaway woman had suffered a lot in that household, and that the slave was her only comfort. It was just a dream, but he looks thoroughly spooked, and the queen notes his discomfort silently.

She admits to giving up on waiting for the king, after seven years of sending letters and not having seen his face. Royal Consort Park sends Ra-on to the main palace with a letter for the king, and on her way out, Princess Yeongon runs up with a written note oh, can she not speak? Yeong and Byung-yeon find Ra-on slumped over in the courtyard, and Yeong chides Puppy for not greeting its master properly.

Immediately, their conflicting political views are apparent: Ra-on arrives back in the city by nightfall, and comes upon freshly posted wanted notices: The king smiles proudly to watch Yeong answering his teacher knowledgeably, fluent in the classics that teach self-restraint, moderation, learning, and self-cultivation.

She drops to the floor to beg for mercy: The pit is loosely covered by grass at the moment, and Ra-on pauses there for a pee break.

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Lonelyhearts brightens at the encouragement. She freezes, then quickly ducks out of sight, managing to evade notice. Prime Minister Kim guesses that the king still suffers insomnia and advises that he trust his judgment. Yoon-sung notices Ra-on standing next to her own wanted poster, and clocks her nervousness at seeing patrolling soldiers nearby.

She looks a bit simple, smiling blankly and eating away happily. Bodyguard Byung-yeon suddenly interrupts them to say that the prince needs to go somewhere, right this instant. Yeong grimaces disapprovingly at everything, but Ra-on informs him that this granny used to work in the royal kitchens.

Both Ra-on and Do Ki are glassy-eyed from their near-death experience as the entire class gathers for their final exam results. Ra-on cringes, and Yeong tips her face up to his.

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The king meets with Prime Minister Kim, who happens to also be his father-in-law. Ra-on balks at the reference to women, and Yoon-sung quickly adds that it also applies to men and the secrets they want to keep.

Ra-on keeps Princess Yeongon busy in the garden, and tells her that these flowers in the outdoors need just a drop of water and sunshine to grow.