MS Outlook Tools – Advanced Solution for Managing PST Files in Microsoft Outlook Profile MS Outlook Tools – Advanced Solution for Managing PST Files in Microsoft Outlook Profile

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However, if the inlined resource changes frequently, then this may lead to an unnecessarily high cache invalidation rate of host document: When a resource is inlined within a page, it is by definition part of the page and cannot be cached individually by the browser, a CDN, or any caching proxy as a standalone resource.

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Instead, Gmail preloads the updated files in the background while the user is interacting with the older version of the page, which allows it to spread the load, and also to deliver a faster experience on next refresh.

First, observe that once the first request is processed by the server, there is an entire roundtrip of latency—response propagation latency, followed by request propagation latency—during which the server is idle.

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Finally, while text-based resources such as CSS and JavaScript are easily inlined directly into the page with no extra overhead, base64 encoding must be used for non-text assets, which adds a significant overhead: Some intermediaries do not support pipelining and may abort the connection, while others may serialize all requests.

Ironically, this same safety check enables the reverse attack on some browsers: Detecting pipelining compatibility reliably, where intermediaries may be present, is a nontrivial problem. Can your application benefit from selectively combining some requests?

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Spriting Multiple images are combined into a larger, composite image. Also, pay close attention to the default behavior of HTTP libraries and frameworks, as many will often default to non-keepalive behavior, mostly because it provides a "simpler API. This is especially true for image-heavy applications, such as games, which often depend on large numbers of image assets.

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This is a fixed cost imposed on all non-persistent HTTP sessions. Your application must handle idempotency concerns of aborted requests. See Eliminate Unnecessary Request Bytes for a full discussion. Apply these optimizations carefully, measure the results, and consider the following questions in the context of your own application: A failed response may terminate the TCP connection, forcing the client to re-request all the subsequent resources, which may cause duplicate processing.

Each of the preceding recommendations has stood the test of time and is as true today as when the book was first published in However, in practice, many servers and proxies will try to enforce either an 8 KB or a 16 KB limit.

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This number is specific to our chosen network latencies and the two requests in our example. Your application must handle aborted connections and retries.

Why would I have similar/duplicate pages?

The certificate must match your complete site URL, or be a wildcard certificate that can be used for multiple subdomains on a domain. Was this article helpful? I wish to save those files in new PST file so that I can identify all data separately from new Outlook data.

In practice, a common rule of thumb is to consider inlining for resources under 1—2 KB, as resources below this threshold often Best online dating tips higher HTTP overhead than the resource itself. IE8 has a maximum limit of 32 KB.

Reduced protocol overhead By combining files into a single resource, we eliminate the protocol overhead associated with each file, which, as we saw earlier, can easily add up to kilobytes of uncompressed data transfers.

Thu, 20 Sep A few of the best known include the following: A server-side redirect is the best way to ensure that users and search engines are directed to the correct page. This exposes an attack vector against the server! Saturating the client connection limit may seem like a benign security flaw, but it is increasingly a real deployment problem for applications that rely on real-time delivery mechanisms, such as WebSocket, Server Sent Events and hanging XHRs: I came to know about the PST file splitter tool and tried the demo version to Consolidating multiple pdf files its functionality.

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If such is the case for your application, consider separating the "stable core," such as frameworks and libraries, into separate bundles. Will combined image assets cause high memory overhead?

For example, the rise of API-driven web applications, which frequently communicate with compact serialized messages e. Having said that, there are three valid reasons why we have to use it today:

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