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Inthe Habsburg army took Belgrade and entered the territory of present-day Central Serbia. The characteristic that has been attracting experts from around the globe is the unique acoustic properties found within the underground chambers of the Hypogeum.

Moreover, in the same time in Bosnia the Serbian Orthodoxy, supported by the Turks, was spreading.

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He climbed inside the Tizer Acoustic Chamber and projected his voice to a specific rock. Many documents are preserved mentioning Bobovac. Here are a few stechak monuments in the vicinity of Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia: Bossnjaci i Hercegovci u Islamskoj knjizzevnosti: Is this an even older sphinx?

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Her grave in the Aracoeli church in Rome had a Croatian Cyrillic inscription until with the coat of arms of the old Bosnian Kingdom and of the Kosaca familywhen it had been replaced by translation into Latin.

Du Val from However, an invasion by the forces of GermanyAustria-Hungary and Bulgaria overwhelmed the Serbs in the winter ofand a subsequent withdrawal by the Serbian Army through Albania took the lives of more thanSerbs.

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Vechina onih, koji su dossli do visokih polozzaja u Turskoj drzzavi odlikuju se veledussjem to jest: The sound of a human voice toning into the three sonic knobs of the Tizer Acoustic Chamber vibrated through the Tizer Dolmen.

The slaughter of the Croatian nobility greatly reduced the economic power of the Croatian lands for the centuries to come.

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The most recent emigration took place during the s, and was caused by both political and economic reasons.

Katarina in a picturesque Bosnian city of Jajce totally destroyed by the Serbs in Here we see the beginning of the drama in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In the s, Franciscan missions were launched against alleged "heresy" in Bosnia; prior to this, there had been no Catholics — or at least no Catholic clergy or organization — in Bosnia proper for nearly a century.

Reader thinks that this head of pharaoh was resculpted from a head of lion very damaged by the rain, as the body. This experience was like strumming the base chakra then raising the kundalini through the crown.

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