Introduction to Bipolar Disorder Introduction to Bipolar Disorder

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This inability to distinguish reality from unreality results in psychotic symptoms such as hearing voices, paranoia, visual hallucinations, and false beliefs of special powers or Bipolar hook up. Infectious causes of mania which may appear similar to bipolar mania include herpes encephalitisHIVinfluenzaor neurosyphilis.

Read any bipolar stories — the tragic failure to obtain an accurate diagnosis appears again and again! Stop missing out on everything that life and love have to offer and sign up now! In less than a year I: They're not intimidated by your mood swings or anything else you can 'throw' at them.

A number of medications are used to treat bipolar disorder. Bipolar train wreck If you have been reading bipolar stories you are probably getting used to some common elements like spending sprees and hypersexuality.

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We moved in together in and are going from strength to strength. Gemini man dating aquarius woman ball I knew I had taken a wrecking ball to my own life.

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Thank you M for your love, patience, forgiveness and support! Surnames and full initials are not to be shared, although first names are allowed. Soon after building a beautiful home at the beach that we were making great capital gains onI just had to move.

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I figured my problem was a lack of structure and activity and decided to get yet another college degree. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times My 40s started very well with a job I loved at a dot.

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So where do I start? A history of in-depth answers is a plus. Individuals who have subthreshold symptoms that cause clinically significant distress or impairment, but do not meet full criteria for one of the three subtypes may be diagnosed with other specified or unspecified bipolar disorder.

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My restlessness continued although I was happy in my marriage and I was getting lots of stimulation through aggressive and very successful! Please explore the rest of my site and visit again soon.

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RULES Not many things are out of place in this subreddit; almost anything that crosses our teenage minds will be allowed.

For more information on how this works, click here. About me Bipolar stories are commonplace today. Click here for more information.

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There neither of us had to work full time and our investments continued to prosper. I had been so full of shame and regret — it was easier now to understand my behavior and I actually preferred the idea that I was mad and not bad!

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For the sake of clarification: Those with bipolar disorder often describe their experience as being on an emotional roller coaster. During attentional tasks and resting, mania is associated with decreased Orbitofrontal cortex activity, while depression is associated with increased resting metabolism.

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We can all lead great bipolar lives! Through much research, experience, and sheer trial and error, I developed my effective Bipolar Diet. It is a textbook and is not aimed at lay readers but it is written with great compassion and insight.