‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season 5 Spoilers: Are Hunter And Bobbi Still Together? ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season 5 Spoilers: Are Hunter And Bobbi Still Together?

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Bobbi tells Hunter she won't stop him from leaving and he escapes the ship by stealing a mini-submarine.

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Jed Whedon said the writers hoped to "skew a little darker because of" this change, with Loeb adding that "It absolutely offers opportunities. Together their characters had some really great moments, but the most emotional part of the episode was actually about how they had fit into S.

As part of her cover she dyed her hair from blond to brown.

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Edit Hunter is arrested by the military and is then forced into the trunk of a car by the soldiers. Gonzales then explains to Hunter how Coulson isn't fit to be director of S. Hunter does what she asks and cuts off Izzy's hand.

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With Ward locked in a cell for an extended period of time and later escaping in Season 2, Bobbi and Hunter proved to be just what the show needed.

During the flight, Morse and Hunter continually argued, much to May's annoyance.


The terrigen crystals that unlock Inhuman abilities in the series are 3D-printed from solid resin and then altered with extra details. While Mackenzie attempted to persuade her not to do it, Gonzales reminded her that she had an order from Fury to do it.

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Morse breaks her cover to rescue Jemma Simmons When her cover was fully blown, Morse came to Simmons' aid, walking with two HYDRA agents acting like she was prepared to arrest her; she broke her cover and attacked the guards, easily overpowering them.

To maintain her cover, Morse interrogated Simmons several times, noting her extensive background with S.

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Later, Hunter confronts Mack about the secret he knows Bobbi and him are keeping. The series was described as "'a kernel of an idea' with a number of scenarios being explored, including a high-concept cop show.

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Hunter asks why and Coulson answers that S. Hunter was both surprised and horrified to see his ex-wife and her dyed hair, noting that he preferred her blonde.

When Hunter demanded to know from Coulson why she was there; Coulson told them to "play nice".

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Fans are already invested in their story and they have the built-in history that will give the new series a Mr.

Mack, worried that Hunter might warn Coulson, knocks him out and ties him up. Riley used her previous experience recreating costumes to "blend in" with Foley's established look.

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Once in the air, Talbot tells Hunter he'll pay him anything he wants if he hands over Coulson.