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7 tips for successful dating, is this the world's most international business school?

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Have some self respect. Use it on Sunday Sunday is the best time to get online. No matter how excited, turned on or thrilled you may be about this date, listening to what your date says, watching what your date does and understanding how your date feels are still your primary objectives.

Take our short quiz to see if you qualify. What will they think? Don't take it too seriously and prepare yourself to meet plenty of nice, friendly people who you absolutely don't fancy.

Keep it short and avoid heavy talk in those early messages. I know you realize that talking about your ex is an off-limits subject, but for some reason it becomes the default conversation topic.

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Pay attention to what you are learning about your date, and allow the relationship to develop slowly over many dates like this. While it's tempting to keep checking your email at night to see who else is interested in you, you might not be giving that special someone the chance you both deserve.

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It looks like lingerie with a different material. If you post anything less, a potential date might think you're not serious or might 7 tips for successful dating hiding something.

If you keep the focus of your attention on being pleasant, having fun, and not getting too far ahead of the relationship, you will be great company.

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Selfies don't make you look your best and posting a photo with your puppy dog will make him or her assume you sleep in bed with your four-legged friend.

I've seen comments such as, "Don't contact me if you don't have a great job, live more that 20 miles away, don't want children or if you have any addictions.

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This gives a potential date the icebreaker on how to write to you. They believe it adds a level of sensitivity to them when really they are an asshole who probably kicked the thing as soon as the photo was taken including the baby.

Which photos should you ditch on your dating profile? Dating is exciting and energizing.

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And for god's sake don't text first. I like to hiking and on weekends.

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Don't become an online dating addict. Some singles take the time make long lists of what they don't want in a partner. Tinder, Down, OkCupid, Jswipe or whichever other one floats your boat.

We live in modern times where the use of dating apps is a necessary evil you can hardly ignore.

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Many people go on around 30 dates before they meet someone they really fall for online. Research shows that peak time for users on Tinder, OkCupid and Match are all on a Sunday afternoon, especially after 5pm.

We all have emotional baggage and now is not the time or place. Avoid Anxiety and Giddiness. Living abroad in Spain can make it even more disastrous as you try to navigate the rules of engagement in a new territory.

If you've had a recent breakup, don't mention it.

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If you have been on a few dates here as a single lady, you know the agony of one where you barely understand each other. This in itself is 'sin problema', the fact that they are insecure and need to hide it First messages count Photo: Here are Sally Fazakerley's top tips of exactly what to do online.

We all know it's true. My recommended word count its - words on a traditional dating profile and two sentences on a mobile app.